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Explore Free Video Lessons by Subject

Glean is a new site that aims to help teachers and students discover the best instructional videos on the web.
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Glean is a new site that aims to help teachers and students discover the best instructional videos on the web. Video subjects include algebra, geometry, biology and chemistry, with subjects such as calculus, physics and organic chemistry coming soon. Users can browse all categories or use the search box to find desired subjects. Have questions while viewing videos? The site tells you how many are watching the same video and invites your questions on the spot. If you like the video, award "kudos," or video badges, to the instructors who made the presentation. Your feedback helps the site to recommend ideal videos for you.

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Explore dc

Explore dc For teachers planning a spring-time visit to our nation's capital or for anyone interested in learning about that fascinating city, this site is an excellent choice. Among the site's special sections is one on African-American Heritage and another on U.S. presidents. The site offers

Daily Lesson Plan

Name: Daily Lesson Plan Brief Description of the Site: Developed by the "New York Times on the Web's Learning Network," in conjunction with the Bank Street College of Education, this is a wonderful resource of lesson plans for Grades 6 - 12 in just about every subject, from American History through Technology,

Learn Out Loud: Free Audios and Videos

Over 3000 free audio and video texts are available in the following categories Arts and Entertainment, Biography, Business, Education and Professional,  History, Languages, Literature, Philosophy, Politics, Religion and Spirituality, Science, Self Development, Social Sciences, Sports and Hobbies, Technology, Travel. The

Free online videos help with algebra, trig and more

 Brightstorm Math offers free help with algebra, geometry, trigonometry, precalculus and calculus. Over 2,00 online videos provide clear explanations of sometimes knotty concepts. Other services, available with a paid membership, include test preparation programs, such as SAT, ACT and Advanced

Explore Absorbency

Explore Absorbency Is Bounty really "the quicker picker-upper"? Your 4th- to 6th-graders can find out for themselves, and learn lots about the scientific method of inquiry, at this site, featuring a green-haired boy scientist and Spidey, his talking-spider pal. Learners may download a worksheet to

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Free Chemistry Videos

Chemistry teacher Susan Matthews of McArthur High School in Decatur, IL,  has created instructional videos and recorded her smartboard lessons for students to review.

Species Explorer

Students use mobile and Web based observation tools to explore wildlife and share observations with others. A demonstration and additional resources are included. courtesy of netTrekker

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Name: Mars Exploration Rover Mission Brief Description of the Site: With exploration of Mars, the Red Planet, a fact, NASA has had to create a special site just to provide Mars exploration updates. There has been so much traffic on NASA's sites that this one is just for those hooked on Mars. As NASA's official