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Free math games and resources

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Created by educators, Math Game Time offers fun math games, worksheets and videos selected from around the Web. All content is sorted by type (games, worksheets, videos, blogs), by subject ( addition, algebra, time and money, probability and more), and by grade (pre-K to 7th). Includes links to other math learning websites and mobile math game apps.



Math Games

Math Games Demolition Division, Meteor Multiplication, Alien Addition, and Minus Mission are four games designed to reinforce the basic arithmetic skills. Arcademic Skill Builders • Learning Games • Pictures and/or Illustrations • Elementary School

The Maths File Game Show

The Maths File Game Show You can test your Math skills by choosing games of challenge. Number sense, algebra, measure, spatial sense, geometry, and data handling are some of the game topics that you will see here. For teachers, there is a section containing printable learning material and

Explore Science and Math With Games

Shodor's Project Interactivate offers Java based activities for the exploration of science and math. From the opening page, click to lessons and tips for teachers or to activities, tools, and a dictionary for students. Each activity offers answers to its

Absurd Math

Name: Absurd Math Brief Description of the Site: A fun game series for kids learning pre-algebra. Each game is a simulation that includes objectives, rules, and tools that might accompany the game (such as a calculator provided online). A problem is stated to solve, and then the player assumes an identity to

Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies: Resources for Teachers

Name: Mrs. Glosser’s Math Goodies: Resources for Teachers Brief Description of the Site: Although the site obviously hopes to sell its CD-Rom, it also offers many freebies worth mentioning. The Teachers’ Page offers access to: a library of interactive math lessons, math-oriented crossword and word-search