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A new report from Annals of Internal Medicine reinforces the belief that sitting is the new smoking—even if you include physical activity in your routine.
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A new report from Annals of Internal Medicine reinforces the belief that sitting is the new smoking—even if you include physical activity in your routine. While exercising 150 minutes a week has been found to have a preventive role in health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc., the report shows that exercise and sedentary living are mutually exclusive, and the benefits of exercise are not enough to combat the harmful effects of sitting for extended periods of six or more hours. Guess who spends six or more hours a day seated at their desks? Students. In fact, population-based studies have found that over 50% of the average person’s waking day is spent doing sedentary activities, such as watching television or using a computer. Time for a walk?

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