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Glencoe Online: Interactive Weather Map

This interactive website allows you to predict the weather by constructing your own weather forecasting map.
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The weather in January can be very interesting. From snow storms to freezing rain, the weather map of the United States can be full of cold fronts meeting warm fronts and much more. This interactive website allows you to predict the weather by constructing your own weather forecasting map. Become a meteorologist as you analyze and predict what type of precipitation will occur as fronts collide or maybe what will happen as low and high pressures meet. Understand what needs to happen so that you may be enjoying a snow day soon. After creating your forecasting map, you can print out to compare to other students.

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Edheads: Weather Activities Through these colorful, interactive activities, students can choose to report the weather using common map symbols, or they can predict the weather that will be coming to a nearby city. There are great resources for students, like a live weather map and a weather glossary.

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