H.I.P. Pocket Change

Name:H.I.P. Pocket Change

Brief Description of the Site:
Sponsored by the U.S. Mint, H.I.P. (History In your Pocket) Pocket Change believes there is no such thing as small change and that every pocket coin represents a teachable moment, as visitors to this Teachers’ Guide page quickly learn. The page features links to K-12 lesson plans and unit plans based on coins, especially on the new state quarters (a new one will be released every 2.5 months through 2008) and the new “Westward Journey†commemorative nickels. The downloadable plans include reproducible graphics plus interactive games, objectives, and suggestions for evaluation. In addition to the obvious social studies uses, there are lessons in mathematics, language arts, and even science (create a battery from pennies and dimes). In addition, the page features a link to help create WebQuests In addition there are links to coin-related activities, including a very elaborate time-machine and fascinating facts about medallions, commemorative coins, and plain-old circulating coins (learn why it’s called a “dimeâ€, for example).

How to use the site:
Educators will want to access the many lesson plans available here, especially those using coins to teach concepts in science, math, language arts, and social studies. Educators can also submit original lesson plans. The site is also good for creating WebQuests, as it presents tons of interesting information in a readable and interesting format. The more one browses the more ideas pop up.

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