History of Mathematics Web Sites (a division of Baldwin Wallace College of Ohio)

Name:History of Mathematics Web Sites (a division of Baldwin Wallace College of Ohio)

Brief Description of the Site:
This college's web site has many departments, but the mathematics division offers a history of mathematics web resource for educators. The site was created and is maintained by David Calvis, a faculty member of the college's Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, This is a compendium of online web sites inclusive of numerous colleges who have sites devoted not only to mathematics, but to mathematicians and the history of math. Of particular interest is the link to Cornell University's archive containing the collected works and correspondence of mathematicians? The levels range from high school to post graduate because of the enormity of the resources. Drexel University, for example, has an extensive site devoted to Archimedes that is continually under development. There's a timeline, historical information, numerous mathematical problems he discussed, pictures and stories. The challenge is to determine what is needed from such a massive selection of online resources.

How to use the site:
It is suggested that educators visit the site and choose a limited number of sites to explore, depending on student ability. Resources are listed by topic, not location of university, making perusal fairly simple. The challenge is to find the grade appropriate mathematics and perspective of mathematics that is needed. The first site listed is of note because of its content, and the level of recognition it has received for its excellence and comprehensive nature. This is the Mathematical MacTutor History of Mathematics in the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. The historical materials, glossaries, chronologies, indices of female mathematicians, and quotations make this a favorite and another link to bookmark. There is also a separate extensive Biographies Index for those wishing to familiarize themselves with various mathematicians according to time periods. This link offers a search tool according to chronological or alphabetical indices. A site search feature allows one to enter a name and search exclusively for biographies. This is a fabulous resource, coupled with the extensive site in which so many other university resources appear. With mathematics education in the spotlight, this is definitely an online resource whose URL should appear in the Favorites list.

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