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LearnOutLoud: Literary History and Criticism

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More than sixty free audio or video files from renowned scholars provide in-depth literary criticism as well as the scope of literary history. Speakers include such well-known scholars as Harold Bloom and Andrei Codrescu, and writers such as William Faulkner and Robert Pinsky. Some of the works analyzed include Romeo and Juliet, and The Great Gatsby. Other topics include "Science Fiction as a Literary Genre," and "The True King: Tolkein and the Medieval." Whether you are studying one of the critiqued works or writers, or are learning to write literary criticism, watching or listening to these lectures and interviews will be helpful to you.

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History of Jamestown

Name: History of Jamestown Brief Description of the Site: The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities provides this online history of Jamestown with information on topics from the Virginia Company to archeological research. It includes recent discoveries. In the Exhibits section, there is a

A Guide to Gracious Criticism

A Guide to Gracious Criticism To paraphrase the critters in George Orwell's Animal Farm, 'Destructive criticism bad; constructive criticism good!' An important skill in high school, college and in the work force is that of giving solid, instructive criticism. Although it is written for college


Explorations in American History

This site offers an extensive collection of rare primary sources covering three basic themes: Struggle for Independence, Struggle for Rights, and Struggle for Equality.

Harvest of History

This site compares and contrasts a farming village of 1845 to the modern day world. Students can make their own video online using clips, narrative, and music supplied by the authors.   courtesy of netTrekker