Luling Land Lab

Name:Luling Land Lab

Luling Elementary School is located in Luling, Louisiana. The Luling Lab Web site was built by a local high school Web team after the science and technology lab was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The site documents work that the elementary students are doing to plan and fundraise in order to rebuild the lab. Their goal is to build a national model of a "state of the art" elementary science and technology classroom.

How to use the site:
Craig Howat teaches Technology at Luling Elementary. He nominated this site and reports, "We currently use the site to educate people about our project and our new concept on integrating science and technology to save our wetlands." Check out the Future link and visit Laura Kurgan's Web site (the architect). You'll also want to listen to the students talk about the lab and Hurricane Katrina (Student Experiences area).

Submitted by:
Craig Howat