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Math Central: Geometry Activities

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Great hands-on activities for middle-school students to introduce and reinforce concepts in geometry. Fifteen activities progress from identifying shapes in pictures and determining which shape occurs most frequently to finding the area of irregular shapes. The hands-on materials include crayons, scissors, plasticine, mirrors, cardboard, and graph paper. Solutions and hints are provided for several of the activities. Help your students visualize geometric functions by letting them get their hands involved.

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Geometry in Motion

Geometry in Motion Employing Java Sketchpad, this interactive site explores dozens of topics in geometry, allowing the user to drag points and lines of geometric figures, to change curves and angles, and to put "geometry in motion." This visualization helps users make conjectures that can

InterMath: Geometry

This site was developed at the University of Georgia to support middle school teachers in their instruction of mathematics.

Virtual Geometry

Virtual Geometry The page is a portal to a collection of virtual manipulatives — nearly 30 in all, arranged alphabetically from Cob Web Plot to Turtle Geometry. Besides the manipulatives, each topic (i.e. "Tanagrams") offers a complete explanation and a list of appropriate standards.

Fractal Geometry

Fractal Geometry From the National Science Foundation, this site offers a short explanation of the complex topic of Fractals. The best part is the opportunity to create a "Pythagorean Tree" using any angle from 0 through 90 degrees. The site makes for an excellent follow-up to a more thorough

Interactives, Geometry 3D Shapes

Interactives, Geometry 3D Shapes This resource investigates 3D shapes in Geometry. There are tutorials on surface area, volume, Euler’s Theorem, and platonic solids. There is also an introduction and an interactive activity to test the students on skills taught. Annenberg Media

Plane Math Activities

Plane Math Activities Here at Plane Math you can use your skills to solve problems related to air travel. Help the pilot find the best "Flight Path" for the shortest route cross-country, or figure out when your favorite rap group is landing. Fun graphics lead students through nine different

Book Central

Book Central From Scholastic Kids comes this jam-packed page sure to make even the most reludctant reader eager to sit down with a book, especially after viewing all of the fascinating on-screen activities designed to make the stories look appealing. Kudos to Scholastic for helping to link