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MIDAS Data Analytics System

The MIDAS Data Analytics System, which saves and presents data in one place, is the kind of innovative product that many districts have been seeking.
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midaseducation.comRetail Price: $15 per student

Quality and Effectiveness: The MIDAS Data Analytics System, which saves and presents data in one place, is the kind of innovative product that many districts have been seeking. All stakeholders (teachers, students, parents, administrators, and support personnel) learn one system and have access to a single interface—wherever they’re working. MIDAS manages everything from curriculum and reporting to bus schedules, IT inventories, and food services.

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Students can use this one platform to submit work, receive feedback, access materials, and collaborate with teachers and classmates. They can also create and manage ePortfolios in MIDAS.

Teachers can create and post lessons, grade assignments, give feedback, access real-time data to guide individual instruction, assign interventions, and generate reports.

Administrators have the ability to review staffing, schedule classes, access state reports, manage the evaluation process, and monitor PD.

Parents can communicate with teachers and get real-time information on grades and behavior.

School and district reports are easily created from the single database, eliminating the need to spend time and effort gathering information from a variety of sources.

Ease of Use: Districts can upload all of their information in one place and assign it to different groups, saving time and money. All stakeholders have their own dashboards, for one-page access to all of their resources. The program is calendar-aware, so vacations and holidays are taken into consideration as schedules are constructed.

Creative Use of Technology: MIDAS streamlines information management so everything is in one place and easily accessible to each stakeholder. In addition, robust reports can be generated from a single source and created for anyone—from teachers to administrators to the state. A variety of reports are readily available to help with data-driven decisions.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: MIDAS offers easy accountability in a single platform. Everyone uses the same system, but each person has program access to meet their needs. The simple pricing ($15 per student) makes it easy to budget with no hidden costs. The program encourages easy collaboration and communication. Also, with data available in real time, teachers can check on all student responses and interventions to make mastery more attainable for all students. The same program can also manage non-curricular items like food services, club details, course schedules, and IT inventories.


MIDAS is an excellent, all-inclusive program that meets everyone’s needs in one easily accessible data system. Although there are too many features to list here, the program can manage everything from attendance, calendars, class pages, curriculum, student performance, grading, parent collaboration, teacher assessments, state reporting, special education compliance, and test scores to PD and teacher evaluations.


Single low cost per student.

Offers different levels and areas of access for all stakeholders from a single database.

Effectively streamlines management of many diverse school programs.



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