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Mystery Net's Kids Mysteries

Do you have students who like solving mystery stories or doing magic tricks?
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Do you have students who like solving mystery stories or doing magic tricks? “Kids Mysteries” is a perfect website for you to offer them. They will read mini-mysteries and see if they can solve them. Then they can check how their solutions compare with others On this website mystery lovers can solve mysteries, read scary stories, and learn magic tricks. It also offers free lesson plans and units featuring spelling, reading, and writing, as well as critical thinking and problem-solving using mysteries.

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Tox Mystery

Tox Mystery Sometimes "The Nanny State" can be creative, if a bit out-of-touch. In "Tox-Mystery," presented by The National Institute of Health's Department of health and Human Services, users enter a large suburban colonial (not too common in the inner-city) to discover "Toxie,"

Library of Congress: Everyday Mysteries

 Who invented the automobile? Not an easy question to answer Many people contributed to the invention of the automobile as there were many different types of automobiles and many different types of parts that went into them. Here's a good

There's A Mystery There: Sendak on Sendak

Guide to an exhibition at The Rosenbach Museum on Maurice Sendak. Includes video interviews with the author, an extensive collection of illustrations, and insight into the mysterious themes that are woven into Sendak's works.  courtesy of netTrekker   

PBS Kids: Loop Scoops

Do kids have too much stuff in their lives?  How do they know?  What is the story behind the production and disposal of all that stuff?  These videos help kids decide if all of their stuff is making them happy.