NASA Quest's Challenge: Design A Martian

Name:NASA Quest's Challenge: Design A Martian

Brief Description of the Site:
This NASA educational site provides a challenge to students to design a Martian that can live in the Mars atmosphere. There are Student and Teacher pages with instructions as well as dates of upcoming NASA webcasts. NASA offers the opportunity to meet their Mars experts online, providing biographies and fact sheets on the two specialists currently being featured.

How to use the site:
Students can register to participate in the challenge. Under "What You Need to Do," there is a week-by-week timeline for project development, ending with project submission by November 26th, 2003. The culminating activity takes place on Dec. 3rd with a webcast by NASA scientists on astrobiology. Scientists will talk about what NASA is doing to find out about possible life on Mars and discuss the submitted projects.

Submitted by:
Sherri Jurls