Nonprofit Prophets

Name:Nonprofit Prophets

Brief Description of the Site:
Nonprofit prophets is a site that provides a model for student investigation about a controversial topic and then provides resources for disseminating information about it. The site strives to empower students with that ability to "positively impact" that issue. Although the site was first designed in 1995, it was recently updated and serves as an outstanding resource for any teacher or group of students who wish to make a positive difference.

How to use the site:
Channel the energy of students with help from this site. School activity advisors and groups such as Honor Societies will find this an excellent resource for establishing and conducting community service projects. Because this is a very comprehensive site, begin with reading the Teacher Guide, which explains the components of an effective community service project. Comprehensive resources for research, technology, and writing are presented. Anyone interested in using the power of the World Wide Web to investigate, develop, and disseminate useful solutions about various issues from local community concerns to global issues will find this site invaluable.

Submitted by:
David Jakes