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Make Your Own Temperature Scale

This experiment from Teach Engineering is a hands-on activity that allows students to make their own temperature scale before using that scale to measure temperatures in different places.

Observing the Earth

Observing the Earth Access high quality images of the Earth's geographic features from this site created by the European Space Agency. Search images by location or by satellite. There is a thorough description of each location. European Space Agency • Pictures and/or Illustrations

Satellite Images: Observing the Earth

The European Space Agency has used satellites to provide more that 1300 images of the earth. This site offers both the images and their explanations, which give a deeper understanding of what is happening to the earth's climate. Search these

U.S. Cities with Greek Place Names

Find cities in the United States named after locations in the ancient Greek world, such as Sparta, Athens, Troy, and Ithaca. Learn what  made these cities important centers of Greek life and culture.  courtesy of netTrekker