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October Activities

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October Activities

This site features a variety of activities and cutouts for October themes.

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Father's Day Games and Activities for Kids

Father's Day Games and Activities for Kids This is a wonderful portal to all sorts of Fathers Day themed sites, including thematic reading lists, Fathers Day poems, Fathers Day coloring activities, and even a history of Fathers Day Noggin.com • Pictures and/or Illustrations

First Day of School Activities

First Day of School Activities Are you looking for some creative activities to get to know your students on the first day of class? This site has compiled a list of great activities, icebreakers, and team-building games to get your classes off on the right foot. Cape Breton Victoria School District

Learning Activities

Learning Activities From Canada comes a fascinating site that both teaches and intrigues. Does da Vinci's "Vitruvian Theory" (armspan = body height) apply to your students? Do math-lovers excel at game-playing? How do students manage to fritter away their day? The site will show students how to

Activity Idea Place: Easter

Activity Idea Place: Easter Looking for some simple Easter activities? Visit this Web page where you'll find a ton of secular Easter craft and activity ideas. You'll find more things to do in the topics of bunnies and eggs than you ever thought possible. The site also offers songs and

Activity Cards

Activity Cards From the Center for Disease Control and Prevention comes a very extensive list of physical activities, from the common (baseball) to the less common (ballet). Each link brings up a very thorough discussion of the activity, its physical benefits, issues of concern, fascinating trivia

Edheads: Weather Activities

Edheads: Weather Activities Through these colorful, interactive activities, students can choose to report the weather using common map symbols, or they can predict the weather that will be coming to a nearby city. There are great resources for students, like a live weather map and a weather glossary.

McGruff Activities

McGruff Activities McGruff the Crime Dog and mascot of the Natinal Crime Prevention Council is interested in helping you "take a bite out of crime." Students can color, read comic strips, play lots of terrific games, and get great safety tips from McGruff! There is also a special section for

How the Body Works, Movies and Activities

How the Body Works, Movies and Activities Short, colorful cartoons explain each of the body's systems: skeletal, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary, respiratory, endocrine, skin, immune, muscular, and nervous. Once you've seen the movie, click on the Activity Page link for additional games and

Plane Math Activities

Plane Math Activities Here at Plane Math you can use your skills to solve problems related to air travel. Help the pilot find the best "Flight Path" for the shortest route cross-country, or figure out when your favorite rap group is landing. Fun graphics lead students through nine different