Brief Description of the Site:
Ozline.com, produced by Australian educator Tom March, is a site that provides useful strategies and software for effectively integrating technology, particularly the World Wide Web into instruction.

How to use the site:
Use this site as a resource for effective technology integration, particularly if interested in designing and using WebQuests. The WebQuests & More section of the site provides teachers and staff developers with one location to find all the resources they need to implement WebQuests. Locate several applicable and useful articles from the "Articles and Writings" section of the site to read before school begins in the fall. Teachers interested in locating classroom resources can use the handy search tools for "Filamentality" and "Blue Web'n" located on the first page of the site. Teachers with Web experience should explore the Web and Flow design interface available as a 30-day trial at the site.

Submitted by:
David Jakes