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Learn to be a photographer or expand your skills by using this amazing interactive site from ThinkQuest. Three major divisions -- Education, Gallery, and Virtual Photography -- cover all aspects of taking pictures, developing film, and explaining many different kinds of cameras. Although this site does not include information about digital cameras, the basic information about setting up shots, lighting, and use of the flash is timeless.

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Photo Foolery

Photo Foolery Test your awareness of truth and illusion in visual images by viewing these six tricky photos. This National Geographic site demonstrates that you can't always believe what you see. To help you learn how to discriminate between real and fake, the site provides awareness tips and background

Interact with Mathematics

Invites users to "Learn mathematics while you play with it " Using dozens of interactive demonstrations, this site covers all areas of math from algebra and trigonometry to statistics and calculus. Mini lessons include definitions, formulas, examples, and exercises connecting

Photos of the American West

Photos of the American West Teaching history with authentic historical photos certainly makes the task easier. The Denver Library has supplied wonderful photos that document the development of the American West: the great railroads rolling West, covered wagons on the trails, wild west

Interactive Universe

A virtual journey through space offers photos and facts about Earth and its neighboring planets, comets, other celestial bodies of our solar system, and the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies. Also available on the page is a "Facts About the

Interactive Weather Maker

Interactive Weather Maker This Scholastic site allows users to have a little fun and learn about weather conditions at the same time as it invites users to 'create your own weather.' Users must have the Flash Plug-In installed to view this site. Scholastic for Kids • Learning Games

Interactive German

High school German teacher Ed Curtis has created this site full of interactive general grammar exercises. Challenge yourself or your students to improve German language skills. courtesy of netTrekker

Science Interactives

Science Interactives and MSNBC have linked-up to offer a series of fascinating interactive science-orientated presentations. Among the topics are Asteroid Close Calls (could our Earth be struck by an asteroid?) and The Search for Extrasolar Planets (are there other planets circling