Pinterest, with tons of searchable activities and lesson plans, is the perfect place to gather ideas for your classroom.
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Pinterest, with tons of searchable activities and lesson plans, is the perfect place to gather ideas for your classroom. Monica Burns recommends the following Pinterest pages for math teachers:

Math Games—This collaborative math games board features hundreds of pins for a variety of math games and activities.

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Geometry Activities—Mr. Elementary Math has pinned lots of geometry classroom activities, including hands-on activities.

Math Food—This board from the Center of Math is full of ideas for showing how math connects to our favorite foods. There’s even a periodic table of desserts.

Colorful Math Lessons—Crayola has collected over a hundred pins to different math activities, many of which use crayons to teach lessons on a wide range of topics.

Addition Activities—United Teaching features tons of activities and ideas for math centers, from using manipulatives to new ways to use pocket charts and playing cards.

Math Outdoors—This page from The Learning Lady is a great spot to gather inspiration for new math activities to bring into your classroom—and outdoors.

Chromebooks in the Math Classroom—This board includes ideas for using Chromebooks during math instruction and links to blog posts and infographics.



PBS Teacher Source: Math

PBS Teacher Source: Math PBS TeacherSource provides math lesson plans and activities for all grade levels, preschool through high school. For instance, choose Geometry for grades 3-5 and get 42 projects ranging from bridge building to tessellations to the geometry of bike design to "Sir

Leslie Klish Home Page

Name: Leslie Klish Home Page Leslie Klish teaches fifth grade at Sharon Center, a K-8 school in Sharon, Connecticut. Mrs. Klish uses her Web site to post homework, communicate with parents, publish student work, post pictures of activities, and upload class materials. How to use the site:One of the nicest features

Math Teacher Resources

Math Teacher Resources Here teachers of mathematics will find some great ideas and resources! Its authors dedicate this site to teaching strategies for various learning styles. Some of the activities include the use of teaching stations for group work, a strategy to encourage students to

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The Guide to Pinterest for Educators

USC Rossier School of Education has teamed up with author and education expert Leah Anne Levy to create The Guide to Pinterest for Educators — a handbook designed with today's digitally literate educators in mind.