Primary Source Documents at Core of History App

Historical texts, interactive activities can promote critical thinking
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Title: National Archives DocsTeach
Summary: Historical texts, interactive activities can promote critical thinking

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Pros: By viewing primary source documents, students learn about history firsthand, rather than through the lens of a textbook author.
Cons: Hard-to-read texts make completing many activities difficult.
Bottom Line: This text-rich app encourages students to conduct their own analysis of history, but the formats and graphics may prevent them from making a thorough analysis.

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Gateway to Primary Sources

 Calisphere is the University of California's free public gateway to a world of primary sources. More than 150,000 digitized items including photographs, documents, newspaper pages, political cartoons, works of art, diaries, transcribed oral histories, advertising, and other unique cultural artifacts

Using Word to Understand Primary Documents

Tip: Teach students the power that computers can give them for asking and answering important questions. There is a great deal of primary data online that can be easily used for inquiry-based lessons. There are many sources of primary documents that students can easily copy and paste and then manipulate to