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Schoolyard Geology: Map Your Schoolyard

Learning how to make a map and read a map are invaluable life skills, even in this world where the maps talk to you.
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This lesson from the U.S. Geological Survey can be adapted for all grades as learning how to make a map and read a map are invaluable life skills, even in this world where the maps talk to you. The materials needed for the mapping are listed, and the instructions for the activities are given. See what precise maps your students can make.

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Make your own Map

Have you been wanting to make a Google Map using quick and easy steps that will give you a map in just minutes?  Aardvark will help you do just that. It is a free program with many features such as

Putting Maps on your Site

Over the summer Google Maps added a feature that allows you to place markers and even draw lines and polygon shapes on a map. This can be handy for a number of reasons, but specifically for a school to create a map that shows school boundaries, or suggested safe walking and biking routes. Just recently Google added a

Zoom Into Maps

Zoom Into Maps Many state standards include activities such as reading, analyzing and creating maps. This map-centric site can help. It leads students through basic map reading skills, using historic maps whose subjects include: migration, settlement, travel, transportation, and military campaigns. Some

Library of Congress: Zoom into Maps

Reading, analyzing, and creating maps are important concepts in many education standards. Using historic maps with subjects such as migration and settlement, travel and transportation, military and pictorial maps, students learn basic map reading skills. There is also a section

Mapping Memory

Mapping Memory This amazing interactive created by National Geographic allows users to understand the complexities of the brain in an easy to understand way. Flip and rotate a model brain to learn more about making memories, storing memories, and losing memory. National Geographic

Curriculum Mapping

Tip: How do your teachers know where there are gaps in their curriculum? How about areas where they repeat standards or skills over and over again? Even if your teachers follow the textbook, they may find that not all of their state standards are being met. Find some time with your teachers to have them map their

Essay Map

This site will help them organize their essays with an interactive essay map.