Science at NASA

Name:Science at NASA

Brief Description of the Site:
This is science in the news (also in Spanish) with stories based on scientific inquiry. Topics covered include Space Science, Astronomy, Living In Space, Earth Science, Biological and Physical Sciences, Beyond Rocketry, and Satellite Tracking, all links to additional resources. An entire curriculum on space science can come from this site, with the continual updates that keep the material current and interesting. Audio, video, animation and accessible text (for the middle school student) offer material in "kidspeak" for a very useful site. NASA's sites are quite numerous and often it is hard to find specific material. This URL is worth bookmarking.

How to use the site:
NASA states that the mission of Science@NASA is to help the public understand how exciting NASA research is and to help NASA scientists fulfill their outreach responsibilities. You can subscribe to the site's listserv for free and get updates on the latest science news. There's even a channel for subscribing (free) for your PDA. Each headline links to an article describing experiments being conducted, many with streaming audio so that students can listen to descriptions of experiments. Learn how astronauts design experiments using odds and ends on board the International Space Station, or how scientists hunting for alien life can relate to Goldilocks. Site visitors can search the site for specific topics in the news.

Submitted by:
Sherri Jurls
NASA Distance Learning Specialist