Simple App Lets Kids Add Voice to Images, Tell Stories

Talking photo maker a powerful storytelling tool
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Talking photo maker a powerful storytelling tool

Title: Fotobabble
Summary: Talking photo maker a powerful storytelling tool, not-so-private

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Pros: It's easy to use, versatile, and has great classroom potential for digital storytelling.
Cons: Teens can easily share content to any social media network directly from the app or accompanying website.
Bottom Line: Powerful media-creation tool makes "talking photos" that can creatively support teens' learning goals.

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Telling Tales with Technology

The late Dana Atchley was a performer, an artist, and a storyteller. In conjunction with producer/friend Joe Lambert, he created powerful performance pieces that combined his voice and his insights with old photos, film footage, and anecdotes from his childhood. The result was a multimedia autobiography that was