Stanley Clark School

Name:Stanley Clark School

Brief Description of the Site:
Stanley Clark is a private preK-8 school located in the South Bend, Indiana. The primary purpose of the Web site is to showcase the school to potential students and parents, and so there is information about curriculum, admissions, special events, and the like. The site is well organized and easy to navigate.

How to use the site:
Two features make this Web site worth visiting. First, the entire curriculum grades pre-K through 8 is laid out for parental review. Broken down by grade levels and then by subject area, parents can easily learn about texts used, topics covered in various classes, and even classroom organization. The second feature is the posting of the preschool daily journals. Each teacher writes a daily observational record of class activities and posts it in the preschool curriculum area. Parents accessing these journals will know exactly what took place in their child's class on any given school day.

Submitted by:
Susan Brooks-Young

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