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If you are a history teacher and have not found this site yet, today is your lucky day. The Roy Rozenzweig Center for History and New Media has created this site to put history content, current research, teaching strategies, best practices, and access to resources all in one place. You’ll find videos about ways of teaching history, lesson plans and teacher reviews of those plans, ELL instructional strategies, and ways to access history texts on the iPad. The “History Content” section is filled with information, including an interesting part called “Ask a Historian.” You will lose track of time while exploring all this site has to offer.

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National Museum of Natural History

Name: National Museum of Natural History Brief Description of the Site: This division of the Smithsonian has a wealth of topics related to natural history, and is updated regularly for new features. Highlights change regularly making this a must visit site monthly, just for the new information available. This

National Women's History Museum

The online exhibits of the National Women's History Museum celebrate women in a wide variety of venues and roles. These include exhibits such as "Women in Early Film," "First But Not the Last Women Who Ran for President," and "Young

National Geographic: Habitats for Educators

Name: National Geographic: Habitats for Educators Brief Description of the Site: According to this National Geographic Education Foundation site, there are six habitats worldwide: Deserts & Tundra, Forests, Fresh Water, Oceans & Coasts, Prairies, and, for many of us, Cities & Suburbs. To help educators teach

National Museum of African American History and Culture

The newest Smithsonian Museum offers many exhibits about the history and culture of African Americans. "This is America's history," says director Lonnie Bunch.  Visitors to the site can contribute to the virtual Memory Book,  listen to stories from the StoryCorps