The Chronicles of Travelin' Ted!

Name:The Chronicles of Travelin' Ted!

Brief Description of the Site:
The purpose of this project is to engage kindergarten through fourth grade students in the active study of geography, social studies, and cultural awareness through reading, language arts and the use of technology (by creating web pages for each state). Virtual travel is done through Travelin' Ted, a teddy bear who has been sent from state to state. The site hopes to promote an increased interest in the study of geography through a thematic format, while promoting curriculum in a thematic format and tolerance. Children's art work and poetry appear on the site offering a model for presenting geography units to younger children using the web.

How to use the site:
Students can research places that Travelin' Ted teddy bear has visited with the opportunity to correspond with "Ted" through email. For those more interested in a tactile approach, Ted is willing to receive postcards through traditional "snail mail" with a promise to "visit the class" with a response. Most state links connect to "" that offer a range of facts about the state. "Travelin' Ted's" site creators offer to post/share student work related to research children have conducted to add to the pool of information about towns and states through a child's eyes.

Submitted by:
Tammy Geiger
Albany, Georgia