The Learning Page

Name:The Learning Page

Brief Description of the Site:
The Learning Page is a portal for the collections of the American Memory project from The Library of Congress. The collection represents over 7 million resources, which have been used to create lessons and activities. Also present at the site are sections about "Collection Connections," a "Community Center" and professional development. The site also offers "The Source" which is a newsletter about practical techniques for using American Memory resources. Finish your trip to the site by exploring the transcripts of the chats about interesting topics relating to social studies or participating in one.

How to use the site:
Start your trip through this site by choosing the appropriately named section "Getting Started" to learn about the robust resources present at this site. Continue by exploring the lesson plan area for unique lessons and ideas that utilize the primary source material of the American Memory Collections. Be sure to visit the "Features and Activities" section of the site to view outstanding resources such as "Copyright on the Web." Finish your trip to the site by clicking on "Professional Development" and locating the "workshops" link on the bottom of the page to find staff development projects that can be used in your school.

Submitted by:
David Jakes