The Voices Network: Poetry and Writers Portal

Name:The Voices Network: Poetry and Writers Portal

Brief Description of the Site:
Here visitors can find collections of poetry with workshops and forums for those who want to publish their work on this site. Poets from all over the world are invited to submit work to the Anthology International Poetry Competition with the offer of books as prizes. There are links to a moderated poetry critique workshop, discussion groups, contests, the site's E-Zine (VoicesNet Visions's Literary Journal), recommended international poetry links, audio clips of poems, E-Cards of poetry, and more. Bear in mind that this is a commercial site that offers to publish audio clips of poems for a fee. Customized e-Cards with audio of the sender's voice can be arranged for a fee as well.

How to use the site:
The Voices Network describes itself as a low-cost self publishing free literary journal e-zine for classroom use in all grades. Despite the commercial nature of the site, there is much for free. There are free poetry competitions, and one can share poetry by choosing a category. Submissions can be made through the forums showing the poet's first name only and the date the poem was sent. VoicesNet Visions clearly wishes to promote poetry inviting poets (and aspiring poets) to become International Poetry Ambassadors by contacting newspapers, websites, schools, libraries, etc. in support of poetry publishing activities. The Poets in Residence section is currently under development with indications that the site is expanding. The commercial component not withstanding, the site offers a forum to explore and appreciate many aspects of poetry making a visit worth the while.

Submitted by:
Jeff Humphrey
Columbus, Ohio