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Thomas Jefferson's Library

The Library of Congress showcases the holdings of Thomas Jefferson's personal library built around the themes of memory, reason, and imagination.

Library of Congress

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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson At this Public Broadcasting System site users may explore Jefferson's Spirit of Enlightenment thinking, follow journeys of photographers as they seek the meaning of "Pursuit of happiness," and explore Jefferson's most important and controversial writings. PBS

The Papers of Jefferson Davis

The Papers of Jefferson Davis We remember Jefferson Davis as the ill-fated president of the Confederacy, and history has boxed him into that context. However this Rice University site provides a broader picture, offering many of his private letters and public speeches. Of particular interest is the

South Jefferson Elementary School

Name: South Jefferson Elementary School Located in West Virginia’s Charles Town, South Jefferson Elementary School serves students in grades K-5. The Web site targets all members of the school community, offering information for students, parents, teachers, and local residents. Easy-to-use faculty/staff Email

Thomas Johnson Middle School

Name: Thomas Johnson Middle School Brief Description of the Site: Thomas Johnson Middle School serves grades seven and eight in Lanham, MD. The school's Web site focuses on the nuts and bolts of the academic program and also offers links to general information about procedures, calendars, lunch menus, etc. How

Library of Congress: Immigration

A content rich site and Library of Congress "Featured Presentation" that looks at the immigration experiences of Americans from many backgrounds and countries. Includes lesson suggestions and resources, online immigration vocabulary games (including one on the origin of English words),

Digital Library of Kinematics

Digital Library of Kinematics As this Cornell University site says, "Kinematics is the description of motion using mathematical concepts (such as geometry, vectors, calculus) ... In other words, it is the study of motion for its own sake, or "pure motion." This thorough and engaging site

American Colonist's Library

Name: American Colonist's Library Brief Description of the Site: American Colonist's Library has important primary source documents pertaining to the years 500 B.C. to 1800. How to use the site: Information is chronologically sequenced at this Web site and you click the dates to view linked materials. There's

Genetics Library

Scitable is a free science library, online science community and learning tool for teachers and students. With a focus currently on genetics, it includes over 150 free evidence based articles, faculty discussion groups and the "Ask an Expert" feature. Teachers