T&L Live PD Library: Leadership Issues and Solutions

T&L Live PD Library: Leadership Issues and Solutions

New from Tech&Learning Live Chicago and Boston 2017!

A Look at the New Computer Science Standards

Jim Stanton, Anne DeMallie, Paul Foster and Laura S. Chesson explore the new Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science Standards curriculum, professional development, and more.

Communicating Effectively with Your Community
This session for school district leaders examines how districts can better tell their stories to their communities and the media. Presenters: Christina Maryland, Paul Sanfrancesco, Andrew Wallace.

Leadership Track: Moving to the Cloud
Questions addressed in this session include integrating open resources, personalizing learning, and providing guidance to the school community. Presenters: Steve Dembo, Jill Gildea, Nick Polyak.

The Business of EdTech: From Purchasing to PR
Presenters Diane Doersch, Henry Thiele, Rico D'Amore and Phil Hintz discuss the ongoing challenges of edtech.

Resources to Fight Fake Newsfrom Carol Holzberg

Leading Educators in Using Data Wisely
How can K12 educators use data effectively to make real changes in practice? In her Boston keynote address, Kathryn Parker Boudett, director of the Data Wise Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, offered examples of the process for keeping the core work of schools focused on improved outcomes for students.

Leading, Learning and the Modern School
In his Chicago keynote address, Chris Lehmann, founding principal of Science Leadership Academy discusses not just why schools need to change to meet the evolving needs of technology-rich environments, but how schools can take these ideas from theory to practice.

How can you become an agent of change?
Keynote speaker Henry Thiele believes change agents must spend time getting to know their students, their staff, their parents, their communities in order to make change—and today's technology tools can facilitate this goal.
Becoming an Agent of Change

What are the keys to teacher buy-in?
Technology Integration Specialist Kim Buice addresses the administrator's role in technology integration, habits of effective tech-leading principals and more in this "Anything goes" discussion, Administrative Modeling: The Key to Teacher Buy-In.

What Is Future Ready Schools?

Our PLNs, Ourselves
Karen Blumberg discusses ways school leaders can find the time and resources needed to grow their Professional Learning Networks and get the support they need to navigate the sometimes difficult role as liaison between curriculum & technology, teachers & administrators, parents & school boards.

Seeing Results Video
Several New England districts share data to show that student-centered, blended learning has had a positive impact on several fronts.

World Class Schooling: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students
Video of Dr. Yong Zhao’s keynote proposing a new paradigm of education involving personalized curriculum, product-oriented learning, and the globe as the campus.

The Impact of Technology on Pedagogy
Notes from a roundtable discussion on this topic.

Leading for Transformative Change
From innovation incubators to teacher leadership teams, presenters in several venues share examples of the approaches being used in their schools or districts to facilitate meaningful change.

Keys to Effective Leadership
Ann McMullan’s notes from a roundtable discussion on this topic

IT and Curriculum Together: A Marriage for the Ages?
Presentations from sessions bringing together leaders from IT, Instructional Technology, and Curriculum to discuss challenges and solutions for working together to create successful initiatives.

It Takes a Village: Communicating with and Building Community
Many different perspectives about ways of building community support, involving stakeholders, and getting the word out about what’s working.

  • Brad Currie’s presentation on “Telling your story”
  • Slides from Tech Forum Chicago, 2014
  • Paul Sanfrancesco’s slides
  • Video from Tech Forum Atlanta, 2014
  • Slides from Tech Forum Atlanta, 2014
  • Slides from Tech Forum California, 2014

What the Heck Do We DO With all This Data?
See how to build a supportive data culture in your school or district and how to use the data you’re collecting to personalize learning and drive key decisions.

eRate: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
A video interview with Sheryl Abshire about changes in the eRate program and how to tap into it.

Putting SAMR and TPACK Into Practice
Presentations from three conferences on using SAMR and TPACK as a tool for impactful technology implementation.

  • Slides from “The SAMRized School” session
  • Slides from “Putting SAMR and TPACK Into Practice”
  • Slides from “Stop Integrating & Start Innovating” (with TPACK and SAMR)

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