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Top10 Web Stories

Top10 Web Stories

1 What Can You Do on a Chromebook? (opens in new tab)
David Andrade links to charts detailing the many offline uses of Chromebooks and to lists of recommended Web apps.

2 My Favorite Chrome Tools (opens in new tab)
An annotated list of must-have extensions for Chromebook users.

3 iPad, Chromebook, or Surface for the Classroom? My Pick. (opens in new tab)
With an eye to today’s classroom and workplace, Lisa Nielsen weighs the pros and cons of the Surface Pro and compares it to the Chromebook.

4 What Will Be the Most Significant Classroom Innovation? (opens in new tab)
“Learning how to learn” will best prepare students for success in our rapidly changing and information-rich world.

5 Screen Time: It’s Not about How Much. It’s about How. (opens in new tab)
Lisa Nielsen questions outmoded studies on screen time and concludes that not all screen time is created equal.

6 The 9 People Who Attend Every Ed Tech Conference (opens in new tab)
Carl Hooker’s tongue-in-cheek categorization of TCEA attendees sheds light on how people survive, absorb, and share the conference experience.

7 10 PD Resources (opens in new tab)
Özge Karaoglu shares her favorite resources for professional development.

8 Over 25 Ideas for eLearning: Inclement Weather (opens in new tab)
E-learning as an alternative to snow make-up days.

9 7 Ways to Use News-O-Matic in Your Classroom (opens in new tab)
Top tips for building skills in reading, geography, critical thinking, and other areas with News-O-Matic.

10 Time to Try Tablets (opens in new tab)
Ellen Ullman surveys schools across the country to find out which tablets they’re using and presents their top tips.