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Tramline: Poet’s Pantry Field Trip

It’s the time to explore different kinds of poetry, read the works of many different poets, and use poetry across the curriculum.
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It’s April, National Poetry Month. It’s the time to explore different kinds of poetry, read the works of many different poets, and use poetry across the curriculum. This site is valuable for both students and teachers because links to many sites for finding and writing poetry are gathered in one place. Students can find out about dozens of poetry forms with examples of each one. They'll also enjoy the humor and craft of poets Shel Silverstein, Ken Nesbitt, and Jack Prelutsky. Teachers will find many resources that emphasize cross-curricular activities.

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Field Trip

Field Trip Take an animated field trip to the library and learn about what you are likely to see and experience on an actual visit. This is an excellent introduction to this important community resource for young children that also explains the difference between fiction and nonfiction.

Field Trip Earth

Take a fascinating look at the Atlantic Sea Turtles (Green, Leatherback, Loggerhead, and Kemp's ridley), all of which are threatened or endangered. Join researchers as they track migration, investigate nesting behaviors, or rehabilitate stranded or injured turtles. courtesy of netTrekker

Cost-Free Travel with Virtual Field Trips

I have taught instructional strategies for over 20 years at various colleges, and the last three years have been tremendously exciting. Our university was awarded a PT3 (Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology) grant. This funding provided regular faculty training on ways to incorporate technology in classes

PBS: Blues Road Trip

Trace the migration of the blues through the United States. This site features an in depth look at the origins of the blues throughout its development across the Deep South of the US and beyond.courtesy of netTrekker  

April is National Poetry Month

Read classic and modern poetry from around the world. Then listen to poetry read by the poets themselves. Also find essays on poetry, and  resources for celebrating National Poetry Month (April). Poetry is indexed by title and author, and users

The Voices Network: Poetry and Writers Portal

Name: The Voices Network: Poetry and Writers Portal Brief Description of the Site: Here visitors can find collections of poetry with workshops and forums for those who want to publish their work on this site. Poets from all over the world are invited to submit work to the Anthology International Poetry

Name: Brief Description of the Site: Believe it or not, Poetry lives … at this site anyway. Dedicated to the art of poetry, the site offers the opportunity to (1) read classic poems by any of some 40 poets, from Bellau to Wordsworth; (2) read contemporary poetry submitted by readers to the

National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month American poet T. S. Eliot called April "the cruelest month." But the Academy of American Poets calls it National Poetry Month. That means you and your students can unearth those creative spirits. To encourage the pleasures of reading and writing poetry, this site