Trending: Top 10 Stories for September 2019

1 10 Back to School Tips for an Awesome Year! (opens in new tab)
Ideas and resources—from engaging parents to integrating technology effectively—get your year off to a great start.

2 Five-Star Game-Creating Tool Shines. (opens in new tab)
The drag-and-drop programming environments allow new game developers to jump right in to create 2D games.

3 Makerspaces 101. (opens in new tab)
This video covers the basics of a makerspace and includes helpful tips to start your own makerspace.

4 How to Make the Best Use of a Professional Learning Network (PLN). (opens in new tab)
Use these five suggestions to put your PLN to work for you right away at the beginning of the year.

5 National Study: Which Apps Work Best? (opens in new tab)
A review of aggregate data determines which programs students are using, how much they’re using them, and how the investment in programs correlates to improved student learning.

6 Six Super-Sweet Social Studies Strategies for Back to School. (opens in new tab)
Fun social studies activities to kick off the new school year.

7 Top Research Websites, Search Engines, and a Research Choice Menu for K–2 Students. (opens in new tab)
Recommended search engines and websites help your students become skilled internet searchers.

8 Tech Tools for Active Learning Classrooms. (opens in new tab)
The benefits of developing active learning skills include improved critical thinking skills, increased retention, and transfer of new motivation, more motivation, and improved interpersonal skills.

9 How to Use Video Portfolios This School Year. (opens in new tab)
Use video portfolios to encourage students to reflect on their own learning and showcase their accomplishments.

10 Digital Well-Being—Tools to Balance Tech and Life. (opens in new tab)
Check out this collection of digital well-being resources, including online training, apps, settings, and more.