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Tune in to Learning: Vocabulary

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Join the Dictionary Wizards and Question Man in these fifteen short videos running 2 to 4 minutes as they explore the world of vocabulary. The videos address topics about the dictionary and thesaurus as well as understanding how words work. Users will find out how to look up words in a dictionary, (whether they know how to spell them or not), expand their vocabulary and learn how to pick the right definition with words that have multiple meanings. The aim of this site is to help adults gain basic reading skills, but the videos are fun for any age to use.

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Words constitute the stuff and fluff of all oral and written communication. Without them, there could be no self-expression, theatrical performance, or song. They create binding contracts, establish political borders, and cast magical spells. Countries go to war over thoughtless words uttered in haste. Children make

MathFLIX: Checkbook Vocabulary

Watch this video that uses the Judith Viorst book, Alexander Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday, to introduce vocabulary you need to know when using a checkbook.

Computer Vocabulary Puzzle

Here’s a slider puzzle game that gives you a chance to review computer vocabulary while problem-solving the manipulation of perpendicular bars.

The Longman Vocabulary Website

The Longman Vocabulary Website Topics such as "Synonyms," "Antonyms," "Homonyms," "Easily Confused Words," and "Using Context Clues" allow users to practice vocabulary development with interactive quizzes. Select an appropriate range of difficulty, from beginner to advanced, and find between

Literature by Author Vocabulary

On this site you’ll find vocabulary lists from works by authors from Mitch Albom, who wrote Tuesdays with Morrie, to Richard Wright’s Black Boy, and 153 other novels in between.


Vocabulary Teachers looking for engrossing methods to teach vocabulary and reading skills will find lots of quizzes and word activities here. The authors of this website have a mission to "make words come alive." This site includes many different types of vocabulary puzzles using "roots,"