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Turn-of-the-Century Child

Turn-of-the-Century Child

Students will love looking through these old photos, dating from around the turn of the century, of children from diverse backgrounds. And teachers will find this an excellent resource to use when teaching to the standards involving historical research and inquiry.Taking on the role of historian, your students will be asked to sift through artifacts to build an understanding of the past through observations and clues. The author has provided three sets of photos that take students on a learning journey. Questions from the first group of pictures ask them to examine the photo objectively, noting forms and structures. The second set of questions deal with making deductions out of clues and set the stage for further investigation. Finally, students are asked to track these photographic artifacts using a cataloging record. There's a link to the NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) site. A further activity prompts students to create a scrapbook of an imagined child born in 1900. There's a Teacher's Guide that provides lesson plans and Web sites for students to use in their research.

Debbie Abilock, Cynthia Hirsch Kosut

• Lesson Plans • Pictures and/or Illustrations

• High School Middle School Elementary School

Rebecca Moeggenberg