Walden School

Name:Walden School

Walden is a K-12 independent school located in Louisville, Kentucky. The school’s Web site is maintained by the Web design class and used as a communication tool with both parents and students. General information is readily available, as are specifics about school events and classroom activities. For example, most teachers maintain Web pages on which they post E-newsletters and homework assignments.

How to use the site:
Site navigation is well-designed. Users are able to drill down through several levels of the site from the Home page by using mouse-over dropdown menus. Many of the teachers are maintaining class Web pages. These can be accessed through the Teacher Web Site link under Resources. The Computer Help section found under Resources is designed to assist teachers with their grade book program, offers simple tips, and includes a form for teachers to complete when they need the school’s technician to intervene. Parents can catch up on recent events by simply scrolling through Home page announcements.

Submitted by:
Charles Raymond