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Alma Technologies, Inc. has expanded its integration with Google Classroom to include the new Coursework API. Alma is a student information system and learning management system that allows districts, schools, and teachers to use Google Classroom from the initial set up of classes to managing assignments to reporting grades, without ever entering data twice. The partnership combines Google’s free toolset for teachers and students with Alma’s all-in-one district platform.

BRIGHTSPACE SUMMER16 (www.d2l.com)
D2L announced the Summer16 release of its cloud-based LMS, Brightspace, featuring a new user interface optimized for mobile devices. Brightspace now works seamlessly across smartphones, tablets, and desktop browsers, making it easy to use for mobile-first students. The release also includes smarter analytics, searchable video, social and game-based learning. Additionally, Brightspace Capture is now integrated with Brightspace Learning Environment, enabling instructors to create and add captured videos. Support for HTML5 and adaptive multi-bit streaming means captured video can be viewed on any device and delivered with the best quality in all internet conditions. Polls can also be added to live events, helping instructors engage with learners by asking questions and getting feedback.

BUILD ENGLISH FAST (www.scilearn.com) 

Scientific Learning Corp. released its neuroscience-designed Build English Fast, a combination of Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant, to help ELLs accelerate their English language acquisition. Using the principles of neuroplasticity, Build English Fast addresses three critical steps for English language proficiency. It prepares the brain to “hear” the sounds of English; then it provides individualized, intensive practice in English vocabulary, grammar, and reading skills; and finally it uses advanced speech recognition technology to give students the opportunity to practice speaking and reading aloud, while receiving real-time corrective feedback.

CEV Multimedia announced the release of a new Architecture, Construction, Transportation, and Manufacturing curriculum that addresses the demand for educational materials that provide real-world and practical learning opportunities for the next generation of skilled workers. Delivered through iCEV, an online learning platform, and developed in collaboration with various industry organizations and professionals, the new curriculum offers content areas on construction technology, welding techniques, small engine repair, and more.


ClassFlow announced a new feature that allows teachers to earn extra cash during the upcoming school year. The new ClassFlow Marketplace is an open community where teachers can buy and sell original teaching resources such as digital lessons, unit plans, assessments, teaching guides, worksheets, and more. All teaching resources purchased in the ClassFlow Marketplace can be delivered to students in the classroom, at home, or on-the-go using ClassFlow’s free delivery features. To get started earning extra cash on the new ClassFlow Marketplace, teachers can upload their original digital content, set a price, and receive funds when their materials are purchased.


Classworks fully integrates ACT Aspire’s assessment results, giving teachers an efficient tool to individualize learning while also reducing the testing burden in classrooms. Classworks integrates ACT Aspire’s assessment results and delivers customized lessons for students based on that data, eliminating the need for an additional assessment. Students can instantly engage in Classworks skills-based instruction matched to their needs. Teachers have the flexibility to customize the instructional path for each student.


Schooldude and parent company Dude Solutions, Inc. recently unveiled its Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, designed to help education IT administrators better monitor, manage, and support all mobile devices on their network, including the ability to simply and remotely manage device policies, supervise device usage, and control application distribution. With the ability to establish separate policies for BYOD and corporate IT assets, Dude Solutions’ MDM offering enables IT personnel to create, define, and manage groups of devices, apps, and profiles specific to their educational institution’s policies.


Edgenuity launched a new Gradebook tool that enables teachers to monitor student engagement, progress, and achievement in real time. Edgenuity’s data capabilities allow teachers in blended learning classrooms to view a range of details about each student’s work at a glance. Additionally, the tool allows teachers to view key metrics for all students at once. Edgenuity also achieved Digital Learning Accreditation from AdvancED, an international community of education professionals consisting of over 34,000 schools and school systems across 72 countries.

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EDTECH PRIVACY EVALUATION PLATFORM (http://privacy.graphite.org) 

Common Sense Education, in collaboration with over 70 schools and districts nationwide, launched its K-12 Edtech Privacy Evaluation Platform to support educators in their effort to make informed decisions about the educational software being used on campuses throughout the country. The platform provides accurate and up-to-date evaluations of the security practices of the most commonly used edtech apps.

EVO SEL 2.0 (www.apperson.com) 

Apperson announced updates to its Evo Social & Emotional (SEL) online assessment tool. Evo SEL 2.0 introduces a new look, streamlined functions for both administrators and educators, and improved efficiency, making it easier to screen students for social and emotional competencies. Evo SEL 2.0 allows administrators to assign and control the assessments and lock and unlock what educators can see. It graphically shows all educators’ levels of completion of the assigned assessments. A new workflow screen makes it easy for educators to see what is required of them and when these requirements are due.


Follett recently launched a new Professional Development series for educators to help them make the most of Follett technology and products through hands-on experience and real-life examples. The series, available now to PreK-12 school districts, supports the implementation of national and statewide programs and teaches educators how to help students build key 21st-century skills. The on-site courses range from three to six hours, are targeted for a broad range of educators, and cover a full range of topics in educational technology.


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) launched the first HMH Field Trips for Google Expeditions for students grades K-12. HMH’s offering currently includes four field trips aligned to select HMH science and social studies curriculum, which are now available via the Google Expeditions Android app. More than 20 additional HMH Field Trips, as well as iOS availability of the Expeditions app, are planned for release over the coming months. As a Google content partner, HMH has developed field trips that go hand-in-hand with HMH curriculum. Relevant programs will contain free teacher guides for HMH customers, including student activities and lesson plans, which will enable educators to integrate the virtual field trips seamlessly into their classrooms.

KURZWEIL K3000 (www.kurzweiledu.com) 

Kurzweil Education announced new features for its k3000 class of software across all platforms. The new additions will simplify the user experience, deliver offline access, and provide more reading/study tools. New voices, editing tools, and dictionaries give students more options for decoding content. The k3000 line also now offers Google Drive support, PNG support, and zone editing improvements.


MindPlay’s research-and evidence-based online program includes a K-12 Universal Screener that analyzes gaps or deficiencies in reading that may indicate dyslexia. The Universal Screener diagnoses literacy difficulties in students up through 12th grade, and creates a customized learning pathway through the MindPlay curriculum. MindPlay Literacy is adaptive, guiding learners through prescriptive lessons and re-teaching skills with fresh explanations and lessons until mastery is achieved.

MYON 3.3

myON announced new additions to its literacy toolkit and newly designed literacy environment, myON 3.3. The expanded literacy toolkit gives educators the freedom to create full assignments complete with book lists, writing prompts, and checklists—all within the myON platform. Students can now write essays, journal entries, and receive real-time feedback from teachers and their peers. New graphic organizers include KWL charts, Venn diagrams, and knowledge maps helping students and teachers take a deeper dive into the text. In addition, on-demand Lexile assessments guide teachers to assign specific students a Lexile benchmark quiz regardless of when the last Lexile measurement was taken in order to better facilitate a benchmark assessment for teachers to accurately track students’ literacy growth.


Blackbaud announced that its onCampus LMS is Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) certified, giving users the capability to plug into external tools that pass through content, roster and gradebook information in a standardized way. By leveraging onCampus’ LTI certification, Blackbaud integrates with Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook to streamline user experience and save time for educators. Through these LTI capabilities, Class Notebook can add to a variety of onCampus Topics to help create and share relevant and engaging resources within the classroom and throughout a school.


Exo U launched Ormiboard, a first-of-its-kind front-of-class visual creation and collaboration tool. Ormiboard lets teachers and students build lessons, activities, and interactive games for use in any classroom that has displays and/or mobile devices. Ormiboard users create sessions where everyone can watch and participate in the lessons. Teachers can fully integrate Ormiboard with Google Classroom, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and similar services. With browser-driven publishing, lessons are assigned links and can be sent to students using Google Classroom. Ormiboard comes in two editions: Go and Pro. The Go edition is designed for teachers and is accessed via Web browser, and is available as a subscription. The Pro edition, designed for schools and districts, is an installed software with a perpetual license. It enables complete device integration and collaborative sharing over existing networks via local WIFI (no internet access required).


Performance Matters recently announced its next-generation Performance Matters Platform. The new platform merges the Truenorthlogic professional growth platform with the Performance Matters assessment and analytics platform. Now, educators can access professional growth tools and student assessment tools — with powerful, integrated analytics capabilities — in one platform.


Absolute recently announced that Microsoft will enable Persistence technology in Microsoft Surface 3 devices. Once activated, Microsoft customers around the world will benefit from the security and data risk management capabilities, allowing IT to maintain a reliable two-way connection with all devices, regardless of user or location.


PD Learning Network (PDLN) announced a partnership with Dremel to provide badge certified K-12 teacher professional development for the Dremel Idea Builder printer. Access to a PDLN badge certification training course accompanies the purchase of every Dremel Idea Builder 3D40-EDU kit. Courses include videos, articles, lesson plans, school case studies, and hands-on learning opportunities that provide a pathway to help educators master implementation of 3D printing in instruction.


SAFARI Montage announced integration with Google Drive, Google Apps for Education, and Google Classroom to provide SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository (LOR) users with Single Sign-On access to their Google learning tools and resources from their LOR dashboard. Educators can easily search and upload Google Drive resources from the LOR and share SAFARI Montage learning objects, playlists, and lessons to Google Classroom. Additionally, LOR users can perform a federated search of their Google Drive from SAFARI Montage; upload, auto-convert, and add Google files to playlists and digital lessons; and continue to collaborate on shared Google files while accessing Google resources through the LOR.


The Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access introduced the Smithsonian Learning Lab, an online toolkit that enables users to find, customize, and share digital museum resources with others. The Learning Lab offers free digital access to more than a million diverse resources from across the Smithsonian along with simple-to-use tools to organize, augment, and personalize these assets. As users build and publish the resource collections and activities they have created, the Learning Lab becomes a more collaborative community.


TabPilot recently announced the availability of free mobile device management for macOS computers in schools. Schools that choose TabPilot to manage their iPads can now add their macOS devices to TabPilot at no additional charge, up to the number of iOS licenses owned. The macOS features offer DEP enrollment (including configuring hidden administrator account setup), device inventory, and app distribution. The system already supports the beta of macOS Sierra. Additional features, including new restrictions, will be added in the upcoming school year and included at no charge.


Performance Matters released Truenorthlogic Observation, an intuitive, online solution for conducting classroom observations, collecting evidence, and sharing feedback. It gives K-12 districts the tools to configure, customize, and streamline the observation process, eliminating the need for paper-driven processes. With Truenorthlogic Observation, districts can design observation templates that match existing observation instruments, rubrics and ratings scales, and highlight desired teaching practices. School leaders can easily schedule formal observations or classroom walkthroughs, or start one on demand.


Turnitin announced a multi-year extension of its work with the College Board that will connect its formative writing tools to College Board programs like SpringBoard in an effort to expand and promote productive student writing practice. The addition of Turnitin’s writing instruction technology, Revision Assistant, will give students more ways to practice and receive instruction that will help them develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding that are critical to college and career success.


Waggle—the adaptive practice platform that adapts the learning environment after every student interaction—announced updates to its student and teacher dashboards, in addition to enhanced implementation services. Waggle will also be rolling out Google Single Sign-On (SSO) this fall. Waggle redesigned the Teacher Dashboard to make it even easier for teachers to access information they can use immediately. Additionally, Waggle added a content discovery tool, making content easily searchable by domains/strand. In an effort to give students more insight into their performance, Waggle has also recently released a new Student Dashboard. Another new addition is Waggle Professors, all former educators that deliver a variety of impactful workshops to provide teachers with best practices in digital learning and prepare them to use Waggle’s adaptive practice system with their students.


Walkabouts by ActivEd helps teachers create movement-rich Pre-K through second grade lessons. Educators can create and execute dynamic lessons with the intuitive platform – in just a few clicks, a standards-based activity is created and correlated in real-time to the users’ specific state standards. Lessons can then be played using existing classroom infrastructure, such as typical computer and digital whiteboard combinations. Other product features highlighted include integrated tools for assessment and coordinated “Walksheet” PDFs that help facilitate more active, embodied learning offline.



Sensavis launched its first fully interactive app. The 3D Classroom Win 10 app is a visual learning tool aimed at teachers, principals, and school leaders to help motivate and engage students to achieve better results and understanding of complex subjects. With interactive and realistic visualizations, users are able to navigate through six subject modules: biology, geography, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and engineering. The app aims to make complex subjects easier to understand with each module adaptable to suit the individual student’s or class needs.


Appletree is a new, free communication tool that partners teachers with parents and engages them in their child’s classroom life. Formerly known as BuzzMob, the newly released Appletree gives elementary school educators a complete toolbox of features to help them establish a consistent line of communication with busy parents, including class-wide updates, direct messaging, progress reports, and a fully integrated calendar. Appletree features also include private and group messaging, interactive volunteer invites, instant updates with photos and videos, and emergency alerts. Teachers can easily send from their handheld device or desktop, and parents receive the information however they prefer: in the Appletree app, via email, or SMS.


Boxlight and Globisens unveiled the GlobiLab app for Chromebook laptops. GlobiLab software communicates wirelessly with Labdisc multi-sensor compact devices, allowing for full setup and control of the devices. Graphical and meter displays present data in real time, enabling students to quickly measure their world and analyze data samples. GlobiLab also merges the latest sensor, Internet, and satellite technologies so that students can plot measurement data over a Google map, allowing them to map local pollution or weather conditions and compare their data with other schools.

EPSON RECOMMENDS GOOGLE CAST FOR EDUCATION (www.googleforeducation.blogspot.com)
Epson recommends Google Cast for Education as an easy way to share Chromebook screens wirelessly to BrightLink interactive projectors and PowerLite projectors. Google Cast for Education is a free Chrome app that runs through the Chrome browser on any computer connected to a projector. The app carries video and audio across complex school networks, has built-in controls for teachers, and can be integrated with Google Classroom. With Google Cast for Education, students can wirelessly project or cast their screens from Chromebooks or any computer using the Chrome browser and share their work with the rest of the class. The Google Cast for Education app runs on the teacher’s computer connected to the Epson BrightLink or PowerLite projector, and does not require new hardware. Students cast their screens using the Google Cast feature in Chrome and teachers receive casts through the Google Cast for Education app.


Vernier Software & Technology developed a free iOS app to enable students to study thermal energy concepts by analyzing images and video captured with the FLIR ONE Thermal Camera for iOS. Using the Thermal Analysis for FLIR ONE app, as well as new investigations created by Vernier, students can measure temperature changes on the skin, illustrate convection, track heating due to friction, compare heat conduction in different materials, analyze the transparency of materials in infrared versus visible light, and more.


Bretford (www.bretford.com) released several new lines of furniture that embody the company’s “Whole Student, Whole Room, Whole School” education model. The Emoji desks feature a simplified design so they can be rearranged and stacked to fit together and move. Emoji chairs address the specific physical and emotional needs of every age. Their features boost mood and create a calming effect that builds and maintains a positive experience for children, and a refined, performance-driven experience for adults. EVER Cart is a store and charge cart that features the MiX Module System, which involves customizable modules that can be continually modified. The new EVER Cart can house two shelves with two MiX Modules or three shelves with three MiX Modules to support between 20 and 45 devices. Shelves adjust from 10-inches for tablets and small computers to 12-inches for larger laptops.

Canon U.S.A., Inc. (www.canon.com) unveiled the REALiS 4K501ST Pro AV LCOS Projector, which incorporates the features of the current REALiS 4K500ST, as well as an enhanced video interface that offers two HDMI version 2.0 inputs with HDCP 2.2 support. Other features include native 4K resolution of 4096 x 2400, up to 5000 lumens and Canon’s LCOS Technology with AISYS-enhancement for high-brightness and detailed image reproduction. The REALiS 4K501ST also offers a 4K lens and a collection of advanced image adjustment and professional install setting features, including Marginal Focus which helps ensure content projected on the peripheral portions of domed surfaces remains in focus. At only 39.6 pounds, this model also offers one of the most compact and lightweight form factors of a high-brightness 4K projector.

Epson America, Inc. (www.epson.com/ecotank) announced the newest additions to its Supertank category of EcoTank printers – the WorkForce ET-16500 wide-format model and Expression ET-3600. The printers deliver cartridge-free printing with easy-to-fill supersized ink tanks and up to two years of ink in the box. They also come with built-in, easy-to-use wireless and Wi-Fi Direct capabilities so users can print directly from tablets and smartphones across a range of operating systems, as well as through Epson Connect solutions.

RECHARGE LABS (www.rechargelabs.org)
Recharge Labs released two new activity sets designed to teach kids about solar energy. The Solar Cork Boat and the Solar Scavenger Hunt are both available as individual kits and class packs. The Solar Cork Boat demonstrates how solar energy can be used to do work, such as to make paddles spin to propel a boat in water. While building the cork boat, students in grades 2-12 will learn about basic solar circuitry as they connect the boat’s motor to the solar panel. Recommended for students in grades 4-12, the Solar Scavenger Hunt helps students explore which light sources and conditions generate the most solar power. Using the kit, students test various light sources to determine which generate the most solar power.

Spectrum Industries, Inc. (www.spectrumfurniture.com) redesigned its Inspiration Lectern. Small, lightweight, and versatile, the Inspiration Plus allows the presenter to be seated and still have legroom under the work surface. It can be ordered in 36” or 42” heights and can be specified in many different configurations. New rounded edges, sleek design, and color offerings finish out this budget-friendly lectern.

Tripp Lite (www.tripplite.com) recently introduced WorkWise solutions, a line of height-adjustable desk tops, bases, and desktop workstations that help enhance efficiency and productivity while allowing the user to stand for a portion of the workday. These solutions provide the flexibility to change the work surface height with just the press of a button or one touch of a lever. Adjusting the height of the surface is also a simple way to customize workspaces shared by multiple users. Desk tops are made in the USA from environmentally-friendly recycled wood fibers certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and all WorkWise products are compatible with Tripp Lite accessories, including display mounts and a clamp-on surge protector with USB charging ports.

UBTECH Robotics (www.ubtrobot.com) released two new kits for the JIMU Robot, the MeeBot Kit and the Animal Add-On Kit. The JIMU Robot is an interactive robotic building block system that connects in infinite ways and then moves to the program the user creates. Character parts, connectors, and robotic servomotors snap together without tools. Users can follow 3D animated instructions on the free JIMU Robot app to build pre-designed characters using the pieces in the kit they’ve purchased or invent their own robotic creation. Once the JIMU Robot is built it can be easily programmed using the intuitive PRP (Pose, Record, Playback) technology for an endless sequence of actions. Or, users can choose preprogrammed movements from a library of life-like movements.

The DongleLockbox (www.donglelockbox.com) makes it easy for schools to secure software locks on multiple computers. With its programmable combination lock and durable steel cable, the DongleLockbox attaches to an existing or added anchor to protect valuable USB software locks from being stolen. The DongleLockbox can be found in education labs using CAD/CAM software like Mastercam, inspection software like PC-DMIS, and music and video editing software like Pro Tools, as well as graphic design and printing software, such as FlexiSIGN.

MG (www.mm-goi.com) released the Novi Portable Charging Station. The new device can rapidly charge up to eight portable battery pods in only 2.5 hours. The Novi Portable Charging Station replaces traditional mounted charging stations and outlets, and consists of the Novi Dock and portable Novi Pods. The Novi Dock is powered by an internal AC adapter with a removable 2-prong cable that can be retrofitted for use in any country. The Novi Dock charges each one of the Novi Pods on contact, without the need for any additional cables. Charging is conducted at high speeds, and each portable battery fully charges a phone of the same batter size in 1.5 hours. Once charged, each lightweight pod can be removed and taken anywhere consumers need to charge their mobile device.