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ASSIST LLC launches ASSIST 4.0, an Integrated Education Management System for K-12 and higher education students, teachers and administrators. The upgraded ASSIST 4.0 is available now for grades K-12 and higher education in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Vietnamese and can be adapted for other languages. It features Student Data Management that streamlines the admissions process, scheduling to track school-wide activities and dates, simplified and centralized payments and accounting, and provides hassle free and automatic official records and transcripts. Student Learning Management streamlines many other functions, including individualized learning plans, course completion certificates, resource sharing and collaboration and more. Finally, Curriculum Management provides seamless curriculum hosting, single sign-on and curriculum integration capabilities, and more.


Blackboard has recently unveiled Blackboard Classroom, a comprehensive solution designed to help K-12 schools and districts differentiate instruction, increase student engagement, and boost teacher productivity. Blackboard Classroom integrates a comprehensive set of learning tools that districts can use to create a rich digital learning environment and support differentiated instruction at scale. The modern learning management solution incorporates both synchronous and asynchronous learning and collaboration tools to promote digital literacy and college and career readiness. Specific components include a personalized learning management system, HD video Web conferencing in real time, interactive digital content, mobile apps with responsive designs for students and parents, data-driven reporting at the class, school and district levels, and bidirectional data flows between Blackboard Classroom and student information systems.


Capstone, a leading publisher of children’s books and literacy programs, is excited to announce its partnership with the School Librarians of Rhode Island (SLRI) to help fund their educational video, “It’s on Us: The Stories of Public School Librarians.” The video will include personal stories from school librarians to show how they are innovating and evolving their roles every day. The goal of the project is to challenge common assumptions about what librarians do and, most importantly, what they can do for their communities. The finished video will be a valuable advocacy tool for librarians to show how they are supporting 21st-century learning.


CEV Multimedia announces the release of a new social media marketing course. The materials highlight concepts and best practices useful to students entering a marketing or business career path. Delivered through iCEV, teachers have access to an extensive playlist of videos, presentations, lab activities, assessments, lesson plans, and more to teach topics related to social media and marketing. Subscribers will also have access to more than 25 additional courses and curricula available on the iCEV platform. iCEV’s robust curriculum and training resources aid students in concept mastery and offer the potential to earn industry-backed certifications in their program of study. Through these programs, students in high school and college learn lifelong skills that translate directly into the workforce and post-secondary education programs.


Promethean has created an offline version of ClassFlow called ClassFlow Desktop that is now the software of choice for use with all Promethean interactive panels and displays. ClassFlow Desktop enables teachers to build and present interactive lessons in both offline and online computing environments. It provides educators with a suite of new and improved features, including a simplified user interface and functionality with Chromebooks, mobile PCs, and tablets. In addition, ClassFlow Desktop gives teachers access to an online global marketplace with millions of high-tech, interactive, and 3D multimedia lessons, resources, experiments, and simulations. It is available in 27 languages.


ClassLink has introduced enhanced single sign-on methods that create fast, easy, and secure access for teachers and students worldwide. They include ClassLink QuickCard, ClassLink Faces, and ClassLink Remote Login. QuickCard gives each person an ID card with a Quick Response (QR) code on it that can be waved in front of a computer or tablet to allow instant access. It can work from any device with a camera, including Chromebooks, laptops/desktops, iPads, other tablets, and mobile phones. Faces uses facial recognition software to allow users access when they take selfies and has similar functionality with the previously cited devices. Remote Login is a mobile app that lets an individual walk up to any computer, click a button on the app, and instruct the computer to log in. With this technology, an individual does not need to input their username or password, which is especially helpful for public or shared computers.

(www.codesters.com) and (www.learning.com)

Codesters has partnered with Learning.com to make computer science accessible to millions of students in schools nationwide. Codesters is integrating its classroom-friendly coding curriculum into Learning.com’s Easy-Tech solution as part of their Easy Code curriculum. This allows Codesters to combine its project-based lessons with Learning.com’s comprehensive and interactive content.


Classworks, an online instructional solution by Curriculum Advantage, has achieved IMS Global Conformance Certification for the OneRoster v1.1 standard. OneRoster, an interoperability standard developed by the IMS Global Learning Consortium, allows districts and technology partners like Classworks to seamlessly integrate and update student rosters. Using one standard format for rostering saves time and increases efficiency for school districts previously challenged with manually uploading rosters into a variety of digital resources.


Edmentum has announced that its Study Island product has reached 10,000 item types, providing a new level of precision in matching student learning styles during practice and assessment tests. Study Island is a customizable K-12 classroom assessment and practice reinforcement tool, whose technology-centered advancements promote higher-order thinking and inquiry to prepare students for more rigorous Web-based exams. Built using the Depth of Knowledge (DOK) guidelines, the additional item types measure a deeper understanding of Common Core State Standards, ensuring practice and test questions are written to the appropriate difficulty level and expose students to more personalized content. In addition to multiple-choice questions, the item types include drag-and-drop, hot spot, hot text, multiple response, cloze, fill-in-the-blank, and more. For teachers, benchmarks include constructed-response questions with rubrics for grading. The additional item types will facilitate greater interaction between student and content.


FileWave has recently announced the release of FileWave version 12. The new version now offers Chromebook support, Apple enhancements, and expanded Windows imaging capabilities. In addition, version 12 includes over 100 other improvements designed to enhance existing FileWave products and features.


Fuel Education has launched a new credit recovery curriculum offering blended and online learning for “at-promise” students. Its credit recovery courses are designed for students who did not pass a course the first time but learned enough to make a complete repetition of the course unnecessary. The curriculum features a modern design, interactive content, adaptive release technology, and a diagnostic-driven model that helps students test on material they previously mastered so they can focus on more difficult concepts they may have missed out on the first time. The curriculum also includes English Language Learners (ELL) support, including non-linguistic representation of content, audio demonstrations, and pre-teaching of key vocabulary in both English and Spanish.


GuideK12 is announcing the latest release of GuideK12, geovisual analytics suite, available this fall. This software has been designed to make data more accessible, actionable and transparent for administrative teams. This newest version includes a new user interface overall as well as a new module, named Adviser that makes generating reports as easy as a click from a drop down selection menu, no formulas, no spreadsheets, just answers. Administrators across the country rely on GuideK12 to analyze: resource placement, student needs, open enrollment trends, boundary planning, demographic shifts, equity/access issues, referendum planning and much more. Find out how GuideK12 makes decision making more interactive, effective and transparent.


Impero Software, provider of network administration, classroom management, and Internet safety software, has released an Online Safety Handbook for its US customers. The handbook serves as a deployment and resource guide for schools using Impero Education Pro monitoring software and keyword libraries to keep students safe. Impero’s software monitors students’ online activity on a school’s network and uses algorithms to alert educators if students use keywords that could indicate issues such as cyberbullying, sexting, radicalization, self-harm, or a range of other issues. It also offers Confide, an anonymous reporting tool that allows students to voice concerns about themselves or another student. Impero has now partnered with several non-profit and advocacy organizations, many of which contribute to the company’s extensive keyword library, to provide advice for school leaders on what to do if they encounter specific issues.

(www.istation.com) and (www.clever.com)

Istation, a leading provider of educational technology for pre-K through 12thgrade students, recently announced an expanded partnership with Clever to simplify and secure online learning for today’s students. Schools and apps connect on Clever’s Web-based platform to put next-generation software in the hands of students, helping teachers reclaim valuable learning time in classrooms. Half of K-12 schools in the US and more than 250 apps connect on Clever to automate data integrations with online learning apps and simplify the login process for students and teachers. Istation is an award-winning comprehensive e-learning program used by more than four million students around the world. Known for its accurate assessments, engaging curriculum, and trusted teacher resources, Istation helps students achieve academic growth in reading, math, and Spanish. Under the partnership, Clever and Istation will work together to ensure that Istation customers have access to the Clever platform, including single sign-on capabilities.


Itslearning is introducing integrations to the world’s most popular cloud apps. Users will now be able to work with Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint directly from within itslearning without the need for a Microsoft email account. Teachers can now also add files into courses, plans, assignments, or the itslearning library by pulling them from Google’s G Suite or Microsoft’s Office 365. Itslearning has made it possible for teachers to synchronize their preferred cloud service to itslearning so that they get all the access they need without ever having to leave the system. It is available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.


Itslearning has delivered to K-12 students and teachers a fully featured, completely mobile LMS. With it, users have full access to course content, resources, and tools on their Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Additionally, students can use the app to submit assignments and upload files. The apps are available now in the App Store and on Google Play.

(www.knovationlearning.com) and (www.canvaslms.com)

Knovation has partnered with Canvas to provide free digital content and open education resources to K-12 classrooms. This partnership distributes Knovation’s icurio application to current and prospective learning management system (LMS) subscribers. Icurio is Knovation’s award-winning digital curriculum application that provides standards-aligned online resources to match a given district’s curriculum. It also allows instructors to design and deliver digital lessons, share resources with the whole class, keep students on track with literary support tools, and more. Now, via Canvas, LMS subscribers can also make use of this technology, enabling teachers to easily embed relevant and engaging content into their Canvas classrooms, courses, and lessons.


Learning.com has announced its Next Generation Adaptive Keyboarding solution, a comprehensive digital application designed to help students develop accuracy and speed on the keyboard through independent practice. This new application is an update of EasyTech’s Prescriptive Keyboarding solution. It features updated technology, including a transition from Flash to HTML5, and offers intuitive, role-based user interfaces along with a modern design for higher engagement and ease of use. As a precursor to independent practice, the new guided practice curriculum launches a module that directs students through such keyboarding basics as home row and upper row to ensure proper technique within those skill areas. Teachers can also customize their lessons to set up practice sessions. Dashboards for teachers and students provide snapshots of class and student performance data including accuracy and words-per-minute growth over time, time spent on keyboarding practice, and accuracy by key.


Lightspeed Systems has announced the release of Web Filter 3: Longhorn, an upgrade to its market-leading education Web filter. The upgrade offers new features to ease user identification, activity reporting, and safe Web browsing. Included among its enhancements are an AI-driven database with a comprehensive and accurate filter, a dynamic reporting engine to provide live Web-reporting activity, continuous user identification across all networks and devices, flexible deployment for hosting in a cloud, and customizable safe searching that allows for in-depth visibility into search activity.

(www.measuredprogress.org) and (www.illuminateed.com)

Measured Progress, Inc. has recently partnered with Illuminate Education to add high-quality assessment content from Measured Progress to the Illuminate Education Intelligence platform. As a result of this partnership, Measured Progress will make formative assessment items and pre-built quizzes in reading, mathematics, and science from the Measured Progress Formative Content Bank and STEM Gauge available for customers of Measured Progress and Illuminate Education. In addition to providing these resources, Measured Progress helps districts create customized assessments on the platform of their choice, which now includes Illuminate Education. Illuminate Education has three core products that make up its Education Intelligence Platform: Data and Assessment, which enables data-informed instruction; Student Information, which keeps schools organized with attendance, scheduling, and state reporting; and Illuminate Special Education, which provides a centralized system to create and manage IEPs.

(www.mheducation.com) and (www.studysync.com)

StudySync and McGraw-Hill Education announced the addition of a new audio podcast feature to StudySync, a comprehensive blended English Language Arts/Development program for grades 6-12. The first podcast series, “School of Thought,” explores students’ views on 21stcentury learning, while helping students improve important listening and critical thinking skills. The series will feature six episodes, each four to six minutes in length, covering topics such as how schools should be designed, the importance of homework, and more. Each episode features interviews with students from across the US and also includes opinions from teachers, experts, and innovators in education. The podcasts will be weekly additions to StudySync’s daily “Blasts,” which are short reading/writing assignments that allow students to express their opinions on high-interest topics. Students can draw upon the additional podcast audio content as they craft written responses to the “Blasts,” to engage in thoughtful discussion on various topics.


Miao Mi TV has released Miao Mi, a new app for helping young children learn Mandarin using just their tablets. More than 500 videos are available on the app, including award-winning shows and games that reinforce the language learning. It has a child-friendly interface and offers English/Mandarin language support. The vocabulary level on the app matches what K-2 students in Mandarin-immersion programs across the US are learning, helping to prepare children who may enter into those programs in the future.


MyScript has developed Nebo, an app available for both Windows and iOS devices, that allows users to take notes, draw diagrams, and sketch pictures on their tablets. In addition, it creates real-time digitized content that is editable with an active pen alone, providing for ease of use and productivity gains previously not possible with digital handwriting. Nebo also provides a smart layout that makes content scroll indefinitely and adjust automatically to the screen size and orientation. The user interface is localized in 11 languages and recognizes up to 58 handwritten languages as well.


Odysseyware has introduced a new interactive teacher dashboard that provides a visual, at-a-glance look at data around student performance and makes progress monitoring easier without having to run a report. Teachers can use this to get information up front, allowing them to intervene as soon as possible to prevent a student from falling behind. Among its features are a dynamic drilldown of detailed data for each enrollment, a user-friendly export of data to share with parents and administrators, and a design that supports all types of implementations including NWEA and CRx. Teachers will be able to access the dashboard feature through the existing Odysseyware “reports” page, they will retain access to the full list of informative data reporting options that already exist within the software, and it will come at no additional cost to current Odysseyware users as well.


Open Labs has released Stagelight EDU – music education software designed specifically for the classroom. Created to help students in K-12, it offers a simple user interface, a state-approved curriculum including 101-301in-app style lessons, high-quality sounds, and other key features. Stagelight EDU also provides: a curriculum creator, allowing educators to customize their own lessons; SongTransfer for distributing project files and lessons across all compatible devices; unlimited tracks; cross-platform support for Windows, macOS, Android, and Chrome OS with Android app support; and more.

(www.performancematters.com) and (www.teachingchannel.org)

Performance Matters has partnered with Teaching Channel; through this exclusive partnership, Teaching Channel’s award-winning library of teaching videos are now seamlessly integrated into the Performance Matters Platform. Within the Performance Matters Educator Growth and Student Growth solutions, teachers now have anytime, anywhere access to Teaching Channel’s collection of more than 1,000 videos. The online library of inspiring, curated, and effective teaching practices is indexed for easy retrieval and can be searched by Common Core State Standard, grade level, subject, topic, or teaching strategy. Using data from teacher evaluations, observations, and student assessments, the Performance Matters Platform can directly offer teachers embedded relevant Teaching Channel videos, saving time for teachers and administrators alike.


Scholastic announced the latest addition to its suite of Guided Reading Programs for schools and districts, Leveled Bookroom 4.0. This comprehensive literacy resource for grades K–6 combines high-quality, leveled books with print and digital instructional materials to support educators. Leveled Bookroom 4.0 increases student access to a wide-range of reading materials with more than 6,000 authentic texts for whole-school learning, containing both full-length, leveled popular books and engaging Guided Reading Short Reads for close-reading lessons. Additional tools and resources within each customizable bookroom help educators manage time in the classroom and facilitate small-group instruction. These include The Accelerator, a new digital management platform with robust search features for 24/7 instructional planning, teacher support including step-by-step implementation guides, teaching cards for every title and optional professional learning, and redesigned packaging featuring pre-assembled and pre-stickered bookrooms with Guided Reading levels for quick and intuitive setup and organization.


Schoology announced a new feature that enhances the experience and expands the choice educators have when building curriculum and assessments. With the new feature, Schoology provides educators the flexibility to assess and affect individual student progress more effectively. The expansion of technology-enhanced question types includes support for traditional questions built into most learning tools, such as fill-in-the-blank, short answer, or shared passages. More importantly, this new technology adds support for innovative new question types that take advantage of online assessments. This provides educators with opportunities to better prepare for online testing in the classroom throughout the entire school year, provide more interactive assessments that enable students to show their work in STEM courses, and create more interactive content, since assessments do not have to be graded.


Texthelp has announced the release of EquatlO, a new Chrome extension that makes it easy for students and teachers to create equations, formulas, and other mathematical expressions digitally. Teachers and students can type, handwrite, or dictate virtually any mathematical expression directly on their computer’s keyboard or touchscreen. Designed around the well-evidenced principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), EquatlO compliments Texthelp’s other education and literacy software that helps students read, write, and express themselves confidently in line with their own personal learning needs.

(www.toshiba.com) and (www.flashgrade.com)

Toshiba America Business Solutions recently announced its partnership with leading education technology company, FlashGrade. Toshiba will sell and distribute FlashGrade’s signature Grading Cloud software via its independent and direct reseller channels throughout the United States and Latin America. Grading Cloud broadens Toshiba’s solutions portfolio and streamlines testing and grading processes for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. The software enables secure on-demand testing, grading, and in-depth analytics and reporting for educators. FlashGrade’s cloud offering integrates with Toshiba’s industry-recognized e‑STUDIO multifunction printers and is easily accessible through its customizable user interface, Elevate.

(www.turnitin.com) and (www.metametricsinc.com)

Turnitin has partnered with MetaMetrics to add Lexile measures to its instructional writing program, Revision Assistant, to better help teachers match appropriate texts to individual students and personalize instruction. The Lexile Framework for Reading is the go-to standard for matching student reading levels to text complexity. Students write better essays when they fully understand the text they are writing about. Now, teachers can use Lexile measures to ensure that the reading selections they assign to students within Revision Assistant are appropriate to each individual pupil. Students will be able to write essays for prompts that meet their specific reading levels, all while receiving feedback to help them improve their skills.


Voki School License and Voki District License provide discounted Voki licenses for every teacher, student, and administrator in a given school building or for every school in the district, along with an administrative console to manage each account. The solutions feature four components: Voki Creator, which enables teachers and students to create dynamic, customizable speaking avatars (known as Voki) using their own spoken voices; Voki Presenter, which allows users to place their Voki inside different environments and backgrounds for presentation purposes; Voki Classroom, which gives instructors the ability to manage their students, assignments, and classes; and Voki Teach, a set of pre-designed, aligned curricula that teachers can use in their instruction. Every teacher is provided a premium Voki account regardless of school size and it includes all schools district-wide. School administrators can also manage all accounts from a centralized management console.


The Virtual High School announces a new certificate program consisting of combinations of courses that allow students to explore different aspects of the computer science field and earn a computing certificate, which can be added to a college portfolio. Students must complete three or four semesters of study in computer science and VHS has created suggested pathways to help guide students through a series of courses based on their interests. Students may take three semester-length courses, starting with introductory courses like Scratch and Video Game Design, followed by courses in Web Design or Java Programming. Alternatively, they may opt to take an AP track, which provides a survey of the computer science field while focusing on computational thinking and introductory programming, followed by AP Computer Science A, a college-level Java programming course. Or students may choose a combination of both AP and elective offerings, based on their specific interests.


Paragon Furniture, Inc. (www.paragoninc.com) has announced its new MAKER Series INVENT Table and Idea Board. The MAKER INVENT tables are available with locking casters for easy mobility or glides for stationary applications. The table surface can be configured using materials such as laminate, chemical-resistant, and butcher block to fit the intent of the space. In addition, optional electrical access can be mounted to the table. Work surface cutouts and grommet holes help manage power cords to keep them off the work space. The MAKER Idea Board has a double-sided dry erase finish that is both a writing surface and magnetic so it adds flexibility to any group gathering. The Idea Board has four twin-wheel locking casters for easy mobility, while the upright handles provide an easy grip for transportation. It supports most flip chart pads using chart hooks located at the top of the board.

Varitronics (www.variquest.com) has launched its Perfecta 3600STP full-color printer, a focused scan-to-print for the K-12 market. The Perfecta 3600STP can scan documents up to 36 inches wide, while having the flexibility to scan small-to-big or big-to-small, all with minimal setup and a single power cord. Users also have the ability to print directly from a smartphone or tablet. For connectivity, there’s Wi-Fi Direct, enabling the printer’s own wifi hotspot that doesn’t require the use of a school network. Perfecta 3600STP users can also bundle the printer with the VariQuest Design Center, pre-loaded with thousands of educationally relevant templates, graphics, and more. Teachers and administrators with any level of technical experience can use the Design Center to create instructional aides for the classroom, as well as eye-catching event banners and posters for school or district-wide initiatives.

Microsoft (www.microsoft.com) announced a variety of new offerings at a recent event in New York. These include: Windows 10 S, which will enable schools to manage computers in the classroom cost-effectively and quickly; the new thin and light Surface Laptop; Microsoft Teams in the classroom, a digital hub where students and teachers can collaborate; and Code Builder for Minecraft: Education Edition, a new in-game feature for “Minecraft: Education Edition” that inspires educators and students to learn to write code to explore, create, and play in the full 3D Minecraft world.

Acer (www.acer.com) has announced the availability of its latest convertible notebook for education customers, the Acer TravelMate Spin B1 (B118), running Windows 10 S. The 11.6-inch convertible notebook is perfectly sized for easy portability and features four usage modes, including Stand and Tent modes for group projects and sharing, Tablet mode for learning on the move in labs or during field trips, and Laptop mode for everything else. The notebook sports a full HD touchscreen with 1920x1080 resolution for intuitive operation and engagement with Web pages and apps. It also supports up to 13 hours of battery life and includes a pressure-resistant screen and a spill-resistant keyboard that can provide protection from up to 11 fluid ounces of water. Finally, students can stay connected to their school network with fast dual-band 2x2 MIMO 802.11ac wireless connectivity.

littleBits (http://littlebits.cc/about) released its new Code Kit for grades 3-8. The littleBits Code Kit is the brand’s second product to be designed specifically for use in STEAM classrooms, and the first kit to combine the magic of hands-on invention, the power of coding, and the fun and engagement of games. Each littleBits Code Kit includes all of the materials needed for up to three students to invent and code simultaneously. The littleBits Code Kit combines block-based programming with real-world engineering using littleBits electronic building blocks, empowering students to create their own games. The accompanying app, available for PC, Mac and Chromebooks, guides students through the fundamentals of coding through video tutorials and step-by-step inventions.

Ozobot (www.ozobot.com) has released its Ozobot Evo Classroom Kit, allowing up to twelve students per kit to learn how to code while connecting them with friends at the same time. It introduces coding concepts through the bot’s block-based programming tool, OzoBlocky. It teaches introductory to advanced programming as students use color-coded markers and paper to draw commands for the bot. The kit also includes the Ozobot Evo app, a teacher’s guide, an OzoBlocky Get Started Sheet, a classroom kit storage bin, 100+ lessons and activities for STEAM subjects and beyond, and many more features.