Whitley County Consolidated Schools

Name:Whitley County Consolidated Schools

Brief Description of the Site:
Whitley County Consolidated Schools District, located in Columbia City, IN consists of four K-5 elementary schools, one middle school, one high school, and a community center. The Web site not only offers information about the district and its schools, but also embeds directions for how to navigate the site and explanations about site features.

How to use the site:
Parents, particularly new Internet users, will love the way the site is organized and the clear directions for site navigation. One nice feature is the traffic signal that appears on the Home page. Parents can log on and tell at a glance if school schedules have been altered due to bad weather. Parents can easily access the Indiana Department of Education's School Snapshot, or progress report for each school in the District Information drop-down menu. This area also includes a link to WJHS 91.5, Columbia City High School's student radio station which broadcasts live on the Internet.

Submitted by:
Lon Jones