Work in Freedom - 3Plus-U

Name:Work in Freedom - 3Plus-U

Brief Description of the Site:
This website presented by International Labour has an on-line digital adventure which introduces students and teachers to the importance of work and the need for protecting people in the workplace. Through stories, quizzes, challenges and adventures, it illustrates how the world of work affects everyone and introduces the issues of the International Labour Organization's Declaration: abolition of child labour, forced labour and discrimination at work, and the right to freedom of association.

How to use the site:
Flash animation and music are the presentation vehicles for the site. Site visitors move the mouse over a character that will take them on an exploration of an issue in some part of the world. Music and animations present how and where products are made and the labor conditions under which people work. The website is hosted by three characters: Toshi, Kaia and Isabelle. Guests in their tree house will be able to follow them to discover new facts about our world. A teacher's curriculum guide is accessible and gives ideas as to how teachers can help children understand the problems that exist in the world of work and give them ideas as to what they can do to help.

Submitted by:
Alexander Kamp