Brief Description of the Site:
This site puts the world in your hands. The home page features a clickable map of the globe, surrounded by links such as Country and State Flags, Map Clip Art, Continents Population and Sizes, Current Time and Date Anywhere, etc. One especially nice feature is the "In the News" link featuring a country of topical interest. In this case it was Haiti and one click brought up a page of Haiti-related information, including: a map of the country, a map of the Caribbean, a brief summary of its history, quick facts and figures, including a currency converter, and links to many other sources of information, including the CIA World Factbook. The same types of information are available for any country of interest, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

How to use the site:
A wonderful tool for teachers and students, each of whom will find useful and fascinating information. Obviously students researching a particular country or continent will want to use the wealth of information available here, including free clip art maps and colorful depictions of each country's flag. Teachers who need to brush up on geography or other information will find this site a terrific source of valuable information and images.