The Peace Project: Louisiana and Japan

The Peace Project: Louisiana and Japan

Students from the Louisiana State University Laboratory School High School prepare for their Peace Project. The Peace Project focuses on global collaboration between the multimedia class at Louisiana State University Laboratory School High School and Odori High School in Japan. Interactions using Microsoft SkyDrive, Skype, PowerPoint, Word, Bing translator, Bing Maps, and video/audio editing software are used to engage students regarding cross-cultural understanding, while developing technology skills.

Students work collaboratively to create digital media projects to communicate with Odori High School about specific historical events, literature written from different perspectives, traditional art, sustainable living, and everyday culture that is of interest to students. After learning about the other culture, students collaborate to identify common issues among the cultures and decide how to best communicate their message regarding the issue. The Louisiana school utilizes Skype, Outlook email, and SkyDrive to share ideas and files with students at Odori High School.

Through the exchange of ideas, students analyze the similarities, recognize the differences, and begin to develop a global point of view.

Students exhibited their desire to practice their communication, culture, and technology skills by organizing a trip to Japan for an immersion in the real world. To inspire students to travel abroad is a sign of a successful educational experience.

The Peace Project is from Jennifer Bevill, LSU Laboratory School (Baton Rouge, LA), winner of the 2012 Microsoft Partners in Learning US Forum.