SkoleTube Extends WeVideo Partnership by Five Years Thanks to Overwhelming Success in Danish Classrooms

SkoleTube Extends WeVideo Partnership by Five Years Thanks to Overwhelming Success in Danish Classrooms

WeVideo today announced that SkoleTube, Denmark’s leading online media platform for education, has extended its contract with WeVideo for an additional five years. The commitment by SkoleTube comes just eighteen months after WeVideo first appeared on the SkoleTube education portal, and the early extension by SkoleTube reflects the success of Danish students and teachers who are applying the video creation platform to transformative learning experiences. More than 90% of Denmark’s primary school students and teachers--nearly 600,000 SkoleTube users in all--now have access to WeVideo.

“WeVideo has proven to be an extremely popular addition to the SkoleTube service, with more students and teachers trying video creation every day,” said SkoleTube CEO Marcus Bennick, “This agreement ensures that hundreds of thousands of students and teachers have access to WeVideo’s best-in-class video creation platform for years to come. Educators can confidently continue to plan and build video creation projects into their lessons and develop new project-based learning opportunities. Students benefit from access to a tool that will grow with them throughout their educational careers. Best of all, WeVideo constantly moves forward, adding new features and content that always keeps students engaged and challenged.”

WeVideo and SkoleTube first partnered in January 2017. Since then, WeVideo has been used by tens of thousands of students and teachers across Denmark. WeVideo worked closely with Skoletube to create a unique version of its video editing platform that tightly integrates with the SkoleTube platform on both mobile and desktop devices. The flexible platform provides far-ranging utility for working with video in education settings. WeVideo offers a rich, but easy-to-use video editing application that enables students to explore their creativity with features such as green screen, motion titles, screen recording, voice-over narration and much more. The exclusive WeVideo Essentials™, a new feature added after the original partnership, gives students and educators unlimited, in-app access to over 650,000 high-quality, licensed and royalty-free video clips, images, and music tracks to help kids efficiently enrich their video projects.

WeVideo is entirely cloud-based, supports all current Microsoft, Apple, and Google operating systems, and is always up-to-date and readily accessible from any mobile device, laptop, desktop, tablet, and increasingly popular Chromebooks.

“SkoleTube has earned the trust of Danish education thanks to its proven track record of delivering access to the very best edtech,” said WeVideo CEO Krishna Menon. “WeVideo is thrilled to be recognized by SkoleTube as a vital part of that service. It is very exciting to see how swiftly teachers and students have taken to WeVideo and applied video creation to unique and effective learning opportunities. Skoletube is making a significant commitment to ensure that students and teachers can continue to succeed as they take full advantage of this important addition to the learning environment.”

A Fit for Every School

The SkoleTube portal provides its subscribers with a custom implementation of WeVideo. Outside of Denmark, WeVideo for Schools is widely available with a variety of flexible subscription plans to meet the needs of individual classrooms, schools, districts, as well as regional and national-level deployments. WeVideo for Schools is designed for collaboration, so students can take turns editing or simply share each other's clip libraries, each using their own device to complete tasks and interact with the project. Teachers can oversee group projects, and observe and assess individual contributions as students work together, each from their own device and on their own time, to contribute unique elements and collectively finalize a video project.

WeVideo offers free 30-day classroom trials as well as longer-term pilot programs. WeVideo’s structured pilot evaluation programs provide schools with the complete, unlimited WeVideo for Schools experience and comprehensive support from the WeVideo education team, to enable administrators and teaching staff to fully evaluate WeVideo for Schools at no cost or obligation. WeVideo for Schools is compliant with laws protecting the privacy of minors using online services, including U.S. COPPA and FERPA federal laws and other regulations. To get started, visit

About SkoleTube
SkoleTube is a complete media production and consumption environment for education. It is the flagship service of the Danish company Webtjenesten Læ ApS. SkoleTube provides a range of online tools and apps that students and teachers use to create, publish, and share media productions in a safe setting that is purpose-built for the needs of education. SkoleTube reaches more than 90% of Danish schools to serve approximately 600,000 students in Denmark.

About WeVideo

WeVideo is a powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based collaborative video creation platform that is the digital storytelling choice of more than 6,500 schools worldwide. With more than 24 million accounts created to date, WeVideo is also the first choice of consumers and businesses, as well as the video backbone for many third-party solutions. WeVideo is a Google for Education partner and is the exclusive digital storytelling solution for Google's Education Creative Bundle for Chromebooks. WeVideo is also a Microsoft Education Partner. Anyone can access WeVideo, from any computer or device at school, home, work, or on the go to capture, edit, view and share videos with secure storage of their content in the Cloud. For more information about WeVideo, please visit, follow us on Twitter at @wevideo or visit us on Facebook at