3-Bullet Thursday [5 Levels, QFT, Student EdCamps]

3-Bullet Thursday [5 Levels, QFT, Student EdCamps]
  • Looking for a strategy to promote more critical thought? Challenge your students to create a video explaining a topic at 5 different levels of difficulty (5 Year Old to Master). Use this video as a template.
  • Passionate about Inquiry-Based Learning but desiring a structure and protocol to help your students ask better questions and engage more in the inquiry process? Check out the the Question Formulation Technique (QFT).
  • Interested in developing and hosting an EdCamp at your school site? Consider training your student to host their own to showcase their interests, talents and expertise. Click here to learn more about the process.

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Ramsey Musallam teaches science and robotics at Sonoma Academy in Santa Rosa, California, with the aim of fostering inquiry-based learning environments fueled by student curiosity. He presents widely on sparking student curiosity and teaching with technology. Musallam is a Google Certified Teacher, a YouTube Star Teacher, and a Leading Edge Certified Teacher. Watch his TED talk here and read his blog at www.cyclesoflearning.com.