From the Principal's Office: Brickflow- Interesting Web Tool for Turning Social Media Content into Visual Stories

As educators and administrators, we are always looking for new web tools that have the potential allow our students new ways of creating and publishing content. Brickflow is an interesting, new tool that allows users to turn social media content into slideshows, and is now available for free trials.

Brickflow is an interesting, new web tool that allows users to turn social media content into visual stories. It also allows users to create a slideshow based on a hashtag. The creators of Brickflow say creating content is as easy as playing with Legos. After toying with their interface, I would say I agree.

Story-creation on Brickflow begins with a zooming whiteboard interface and content is assembled by simply dragging building blocks of content components next to each other. Additional content can be added from sidebar selections that include being able to add additional hashtag content, your own content, and designated favorites. The sources of content are: Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube.

Brickflow provides teachers and students another tool for assembling content to create visual stories. To check out Brickflow and to sign up for a free account, visit their web site here: Currently, Brickflow is entirely free without limitations.

Here's an experimental Brickflow mix I created.As you can see, once the presentations are created, they can be embedded into your blogs as well. For those teachers seeking additional ways for students to assemble and present content, Brickflow is an option.

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