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Rosetta Stone Launches National Teacher Advocacy Program

Rosetta Stone Launches National Teacher Advocacy Program

Rosetta Stone has announced the launch of a new initiative developed to support K-12 teachers with edtech collateral and services.

Anchored on the concept that "Language Creates Stories Worth Sharing," the web-based program was developed to engage World Language, ELL and special subject teachers in a new online community, and encourage them to share their experiences and resources with their fellow educators.

The centrepiece of this initiative is a microsite developed to be both a resource repository for teachers, as well as a platform for them to share success stories and best practices. Featuring resources for implementing technology into K-12 language learning classrooms, the online platform includes pre-recorded webinars; a Teacher Ambassador Program, where teachers can share student success stories; a Teacher Tuesday blog, showcasing posts from educators; and Tips for Teachers, highlighting proven methods and resources on integrating digital language learning programs into a blended classroom.

Additional information about Language Creates and Rosetta Stone’s education offerings can be found at