Desktop Virtualization Help

Parallels, provider of virtualization and automation software, today launched a new desktop solution that is designed to facilitate PC virtualization. Parallels Desktop 4 for Windows and Linux can be installed on top of a Windows or Linux host operating system (OS), and then used to run any combination of guest Windows and Linux OSs at the same time on one PC.

Parallels Desktop 4 for Windows and Linux helps cut the cost of purchasing new hardware as users can run multiple OSs side-by-side on a single machine.

Features Include:

• Application testing: Create sandboxed environments to develop, test and assure the quality of software across multiple operating systems.
• Application compatibility: Support applications from legacy operating systems as an integrated part of a standardized platform.
• Web browser compatibility testing: Quickly test web applications against a wide variety of browsers on different operating systems from a single computer.
• Computer labs & shared computers: Automatically revert each computer to a baseline configuration every time the VM is restarted with the Parallels undo-disks feature.
• Compute cloud simulation: Simulate complex multi-tier environments that replicate a cloud computing environment for testing & experimentation purposes in a controlled environment.
• Web developers: Create and share LAMP, Rails or JAVA environments as VM templates to eliminate the time it takes for developers to install & configure their local machines.
• Safe internet browsing: Surf the web within a VM to isolate potential security risks and keep them from impacting desktops, data or applications. .

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