Manage all devices with one application

Absolute Software has announced the launch of Absolute Manage, the rebranded version of the company’s recently-acquired cross platform IT asset management solution.
Absolute Manage, formerly LANrev, provides organizations with an automated way to manage computers and iPhone devices from a single interface.

Capabilities include:

o Application License Management – Deploy software and manage licenses across the network.

o Security, Change Configuration Management – Remotely monitor and adjust configurations, and execute files.

o Automated Patch Management – Centrally manage and install patches, and report on patch status for all managed systems.

o Computer Imaging - Install a complete OS plus all standard applications onto Mac computers while in use or just out of the box.

o Power Management – Comply with green initiatives by remotely enforcing power saving policy profiles.

o Asset Inventory – Collect hardware and software data points from devices over the network and analyze the information for asset management decisions.

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