Software Development Kit lets developers create and package content

Microsoft Semblio, formerly known under the codename Grava, is an easy-to-use application for authoring, assembling, and publishing dynamic curriculum in a variety of media including audio, video, text, and animation. Semblio has three components:
A Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers to create and package content ,
An assembly tool for educators to combine multiple types of content into a single, multi-media package, and
A player that students can use to view and interact with the lessons and presentations.

The Semblio SDK is available now (download for free at, and today, Microsoft is announcing that 12 educational content solution providers including publishers, developers, testing organizations and educational consultants around the world are using the SDK to contribute to the creation and packaging of content solutions for educators. The assembly tool and media player will be available to educators and students with the next version of Microsoft Office.