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Nutrition course offers humorous approach

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Cerebellum Corporation has developed the Teaching Systems: Nutritionseries for grades 6-12 to teach students about healthy living and essential nutrition topics using a humorous approach. Available at the end of September, the series is based on state standards and the USDA’s updated nutrition guidelines.

Teaching Systems: Nutrition offers a comprehensive review of the most important topics in nutrition including micro and macronutrients, nutritional disorders, sustainability, nutritional labels, the food spectrum and more. The material is presented in Standard Deviants fashion, using a fun approach aided by humorous on-screen graphics. A supplemental digital workbook that includes lesson plans, graphic organizers, key terms and practice problems to reinforce the video topics is provided with each module.



Playful transmedia approach to literacy

WTTW (National Public Broadcasting), Roman Coppola, and Nukotoys have created Mission to Planet 429, a transmedia program that employs TV, video gaming, and trading card play to teach kids vital reading comprehension skills.