YouTube launches new science channel line-up

YouTube is announcing a new line-up of educational channels to give students (and teachers, and parents) around the world more video resources to help with homework and to bring educational topics to life.

Four new channels are launching this month:

SciShow - teaches scientific concepts in an accessible manner. It will have four weekly episodes through 2012, delivered in short, three-minute segments, as well as longer ten-minute episodes, with up-to-the minute news and interviews on subjects ranging from particle physics to DNA.

Numberphile is a channel for people who love numbers and want to find out the stories behind them, including videos about 98, 15, 31 … teaching about grafting numbers and hexadecimals and Mersenne Primes in the process.

DeepSkyVideos - about 110 Messier Objects.

Steve Spangler’s The Spangler Effect (launching early February) from educator Steve spangler, creator of